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Part 85: Epilogue: Vitali

Epilogue: Vitali

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

This epilogue is the same for both genders.


I think that's all that needs to be said about it.

Just don't think about it too much, it's too painful.

By the way, the last part is a reference to whatever game they referenced in that one preview in Disgaea with the Dark Chef Hao. I don't recall the name any more, but I'm sure someone does.


Waiter 2: Another order of grilled hotpods, coming up!
Waiter 3: Enjoy! Eat up!
Vitali, can I just leave the plate here?
Oh, yes, of course.
Hello! Welcome to-Gig!
Hey, kid! You got any hotpods for me?
Not for you, no.
Hey, what's with the cold shoulder? I thought we were soulmates!
That spy jerk's poisoned your mind, hasn't he?!

Dude, what's with the attitude? I was only here for like three days last time!
Yeah, and you ate everything! I had to close the place for another two days before more stock arrived!
Pft. So?
Fine then! I know when I'm not wanted! I'll just go find Sluggo and take all the hotpods for myself!
And don't come crying to me when you don't get your shipment!!!
You know how many times you've said that now? Five. Five times! And you keep coming back!
I'm sorry about this...
No, you don't have to apologize for him.
Looks like it's slowing down a little. You can take a break if you want.

Well, I'm just glad I could help.
Heh, me too. I don't know what I'd do without you. I know it can get pretty insane at times.
How about I come up with a special dish and name it after you?
But honestly, I never imagined my restaurant would get so popular so fast.
And it's all thanks to you.
Now that the world's at peace, we can finally sit back and re-

Let me help beat them down.
Ever since Dr. Hao, that traveling chef, showed up a couple nights ago, all my ingredients have been acting... odd.
Waiter 1: Boss! Someone just shot an arrow into our sign! And there's a letter attached!
*sigh* What is it now?
It says, 'I challenge you to a cook-off.' Man, being famous is a pain in the butt.
What should I do? Am I ready for this?
It'll be fine. I'll be there for you.

I have no idea what this means but it shows up after the screen goes black, I almost missed it when recording.