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Part 86: Epilogue: Odie

Epilogue: Odie

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Odie's ending is another that is constant for both genders of main character. I've got no idea what the hell's even going on in parts of it. It's just kind of strange. It really just needs to be seen.


I must hurry with this shipment or Vangogh will be so furious!
Your Majesty, I'm deeply sorry for making you help! But as leaders of the nation, we must set an example to-!
Ahh! We're out of boxes! Nooo! Boxes! Hurry and find the boxes!
Like this?
Or... maybe like this?
Like... this.
I'm so glad you decided to become Orviska's advisor!
I did...?

I don't think it's so bad, Your Majesty. He's a good fit for us, now that we've decided to focus on agriculture.
And since he took over, your reputation as a tight-fisted ice queen has been almost completely wiped out!
Well, I suppose it's better that they laugh at him than be angry with me.
And I'm glad I don't have all those ministers trying to sneak their hands into the pot. But still...
Hurry! We must hurr-!
Who put that there?!
There wasn't anything there...
Er, but still... I think he's the best man for the job!
Once he's set his mind to it, he'll keep trying to get it right, no matter how often he may... um, trip.
His magic is definitely stronger, too.
Oh, yes. He's the perfect example of a late bloomer.
And though she may not admit it, Her Majesty has come to depend on him. Isn't that right?
Well... only through necessity.
Hey, stop slacking off!
We must hurry hurry hurry hurry!

The God of Death...!
Gah! You again! Shoo, you evil pest!
A pest? I came all this way to help, and this is the thanks I get?
Grr... if I let you help, I'm sure a box of hotpods would just happen to go missing.
What? Are you kidding? I'd never just take a box of hotpods.
It wouldn't even be worth my time unless I took at least, like, three. Hahaha!
I'd always heard rumors of how awful you were. I see they did you no justice.
Are all you gods like this?
Well, Gig's a very... special god.
Damnation! Advisor! Do something about this!

Fine, I suppose I can make due with just one measley little box.
Bon voyage! Later, losers!
A fine advisor, indeed! You really saved my bacon there.
If you hadn't been here, I tremble to imagine how things would have turned out!
It wasn't really that hard...
No, I don't just mean today. Ever since we first met, you've been my guardian angel. I owe you everything!
I don't know if I'll ever be able to repay you.
Anyway! Your Majesty, shall we continue the shipping process?
Like this?
Or... maybe like this?
Like... this.

PS: Ar Tonelico is right.