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Space Funeral

by Schir

Part 1: Swamptrogg

Just a quick note before we begin, all the music in this game is wonderful, and you should listen to it.

There's no reason to be sad, Phillip.

Every bird has to leave the nest at some point.

Or rather, the ram's head.

Alright, where should we head off to first?

Phillip, that's not the way we should be going and you know it.

Alright, I think the local gym might be a place to start

"Sometimes you may find SPECIAL ITEMS which can make or break a battle! They will inflict large damage on the right type of foe.
Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot! They are weak against BIBLES!
ANIMALS are easily confused! You can throw them off with MAGIC EYE PICTURES!
GHOSTS are very sentimental! They are easily affected by OLD MOVIES.
I've heard of a mysterious item called PURPLE DRANKK. Who knows what it does?

I sure don't. Purple Drank is pretty hard to come by!

"Don't be afraid to use STATUS CONDITIONS! "DISTRACT" enemies by juggling or singing a song to make them unable to use intellect skills.
If an enemy becomes "SPOOKED" then they may become slower and have less defence . . .
If you use "MORAL" skills on an enemy, they may take a temporary vow of pacifism and refuse to attack!

I like using the mystery that is MYSTERY. It can really help!

Alright Phillip, while that was useful, maybe it would be a better idea to go visit the wizard?

"It is said that there is one PERFECT CITY. A divine construct from which derives all things in this world.
All things are manifestations of this one thing. All cities are aspects of this city.
But it has been corrupted! You are already doomed.

I don't know if I really want to go to the Blood Cavern. I heard Wizard Grum's gone off the deep end as of late. About a month back, he started drinking the blood of every passerby.

"He is your only hope of finding this city and restoring the world."

. . . Fine.

Well Phillip, guess we're heading off to the boat rental shop east of here.

Alright, I think I see a cave in front of us, but there's a treasure chest over to the right. Let's go check that out, Phillip.


Okay, now to the cave.

Don't chicken out yet, Phillip.

Y'know Phillip, these don't look friendly like the ones over in the village.

If the cops ask, say it was in self-defense. They were incredibly dangerous.

You might be able to get away with saying it was to save the world.

Wow! Big Bloods are great for healing injuries. You should probably save this, Phillip.

That's true. Big Bloods restore 200 HP, which is nice, as that's actually more than Phillip's current HP.

I think I see a dragon through this door, Phillip. You should be on guard.

Nope! We're just passers-by!


Alright Phillip, you fight the dragon, I'll go hide behind the door.

Alright Phillip!

I'll have you know, I believed you could defeat the dragon the entire time.

The Focused Hat makes the wearer immune to Distract.

Small Bloods restore 100 HP, and the Large Nut restores 90 MP. All in all, pretty useful stuff!

And the Rusty Knife gives Phillip a +4 to attack. Pretty crappy.

Alright, that's all here. Let's leave.

Now, off to Blood Cavern!

Christ, it's Blood Wolf Season already?

No wonder we haven't seen anybody out lately.

Huh. He's not from here.

Well Phillip, I have to say.

I never thought we'd be fighting Blood Dogs.

They're usually so nice.

But, I suppose time changes everything.

Even the Blood Dogs.

Welcome to the team, Leg Horse!