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Space Funeral

by Schir


The Ground Sharks have pretty much always been a threat to the citizens over in Scum Village,

but I suppose it just shows how much you've improved in this short of a time, Phillip.

Alright, let's go.

You heard him, Phillip.

Let's not waste too much time.

Really? Rip-The-Blood? Isn't he the King of All Crime?

Well Phillip, guess we're going to have to swallow our fears and buy a one-way ticket to Blood Cavern.

Let's go.

What're you looking at, Leg Horse?

What is it?

: "No-one knows what they were originally. Something which broke or which couldn't be translated during the GREAT CHANGE. . .
In the world we're in now, we cannot even imagine what it might have been. That shape no longer exists.
What?! What?! Why am I telling you this!! Get out of my sight!



We're here, Phillip.

Looks like north's the best way to go.

By the gods, it reeks in here!

Like blood, of course, but still!

I didn't think it would be this bad.

Did you, Phillip?

I really don't want to stay here longer than I have to.

Still, the stars are especially nice.

I think I see a person down there.

Leg Horse, what are you doing?


Alright, but first, I think I see a treasure chest south of us, Phillip.

The Poisonous Helmet gives quite a generous boost to defense (25 points!), but in return it poisons the wearer.
I honestly don't recommend wearing it, but if you feel like challenging yourself, go for it!

Now, let's go meet with Wizard Grum.

"I understand you have a question for me. . .
It's too late for you.
However . . . I sense a MYSTERIOUS FATE in store for you . . .

Phillip, just...
Just don't. He got what he wanted, don't indulge him any more.

"Continuing through this cave leads to the town of MALICE. From there, head EAST to the MYSTERY FOREST.
Heading NORTH through the GHOST FOREST leads to the WASTELANDS. You may meet an old friend of mine . . . Heh heh heh!
And to the north of that . . . Who Knows? You'll probably be DEAD by then anyway.
Now off you go! You'll get no more help from me . . . I like things like this! Heh . . . Heh . . . Heh . . .

Alright. Let's go Phillip, Leg Horse.

... Leg Horse?

Alright. Let's go, Phillip.

Welcome back, Leg Horse.

Alright, we're almost out! Onwards!


This looks to be a reference to a poem entitled "The Fountain of Blood", by one Charles Baudelaire. It goes as follows:


Sometimes it seems my blood spurts out in gobs
As if it were a fountain's pulsing sobs;
I clearly hear it mutter as it goes,
Yet cannot find the wound from which it flows.

Then through the city, coursing in the lists,
It travels, forming islands in its midst,
Seeing that every creature will be fed
And staining nature its flamboyant red.

Oh, I have asked of wine the magic way
To drug my terrors, even for a day;
Wine clears the eye, makes hearing more distinct!

I've sought forgetfulness in love, but failed,
Since love for me is just a bed of nails
Made to provide these women bloody drink!

Based on what I've found after researching this quote (as well as the other quotes in this game,) this appears to be referencing one Otis Rush, in his song All Your Loving (I Miss Loving)

Oh Christ, it's a Blood Ghoul!

Bloodsuck is one of the Blood Ghoul's two abilities, and it is the more deadly of the two.

It harms a character for a lot of damage, restoring the amount of damage dealt, as seen above.

I had Phillip use Muscle Up and then attack, because in this fight, it's tripling his damage output.

After that, I just mashed attack.

I'll admit, I played like a moron this fight, not noticing Leg Horse's low HP.

Thankfully, the fight didn't last too long after that.

Okay, so Leg Horse died.

Phillip, do you have a RESTORATIVE?

LIGHT or HEAVY, any kind should do.