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by Schir

Part 6: The Ballad of Dag and Horace

Bit of a short update, but there's lots of plot.

oh no a vengeful ghoul


Let's head north, Phillip.

Leg Horse that is a wall.


Video link

Leg Horse, 80 attack is how much Phillip had at level 4. It's not that much.

Oh no!

Leg Horse I think this is a bad idea.

Alright, this is the second-to-last boss in the game.

Mystery is always pretty fun.

A bit of trading blows. That's also why Leg Horse isn't in the picture.

I'm not actually quite sure what Get It On even does.

Now, I assumed that 20th Century Boy was a ghost, but I confused the Old Movie with the Magic Eye Picture.

See that? That number is his max HP.

Now then, the battle is done, so I'm just going to let the game speak for itself for a bit.

...Next time, the Northern Wastes.