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Original Thread: I received your command and will obey it. Let's Play Space Quest I-6! [VLP]


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The original Space Quest was an attempt by two Sierra programmers to create a parody of both science fiction and adventure games, and it worked. It worked well. It may have worked TOO well. The game spawned no less than five sequels and developed a huge following among adventure game fans. Its scope and popularity are probably second only to Sierra's flagship series, King's Quest, among all of the company's adventure game properties, and Space Quest arguably had the dignity to end before becoming a tragically flawed shell of its former self. We get to watch our hero, a hapless janitor, become a savior, fight wave after wave of alien conspirators, get the girl, become a captain, get another girl, and then lose it all and go back to being a lonely janitor again. It's all in a decade's work for Roger Wilco.

In this thread, I'll be playing through the entire series from beginning to end, starting with the early 90s remake of Space Quest I, which used the Space Quest IV engine. The remake includes the use of such technologies as an 8-bit color palette and a sound card, making it much easier on the eyes and ears. Each following game only exists in one version (aside from multilingual versions of SQV and the non-voiced version of IV), so I don't think I have to tell you which versions of those I'll be playing. Feel free to contact me outside the thread if you get confused.

Episode 1: Escape from the Arc- Arcad- the ship that blows up at the beginning of the Viddler
Episode 2: Monkey Versus Viddler
Episode 3: Never drive then Viddler
Episode 4: Everything in the game having to do with Viddler
Episode 5: Missoin Viddler
Episode 6: There was supposed to be a Xenon-shattering kaboom! Viddler

Episode 1: A very long, slightly interactive cutscene, like Viddler
Episode 2: Getting to the root of the problem is hard when the root IS the Viddler
Episode 3: The coolest series of falling down scenes that doesn't involve Michael Viddler
Episode 4: Long dark slimy Viddler
Episode 5: Pass methane? Drat! Viddler
Episode 6: Sometimes, it's appropriate to build a fancy sci-fi device that doesn't have a self-destruct mechanism. Just Viddler

Episode 1: I'm surprised hopping out of the escape pod didn't kill Viddler
Episode 2: We canna give it any more power, Captain! Viddler
Episode 3: Boldly going all over the dang Viddler
Episode 4: This plot looks like chicken scratch! Viddler
Episode 5: There's not enough room for this much Viddler
Episode 6: The most action-packed conclusion Viddler

Episode 1: The future tastes like wild Viddler
Episode 2: Pod to time that steal! Viddler
Episode 3: No slugs, no sales, no Viddler
Episode 4: Would you like eggs with that burger? Viddler
Episode 5: Onward to the Viddler
Episode 6: Apparently smoking is good for your health Viddler
Episode 7: Norton or McAfee could have prevented all of Viddler

Episode 1: Roger ranks up, but is still just as Viddler
Episode 2: I don't think it was invented by Viddler
April Fools' video featuring Gateworld and Halloween Viddler
Episode 3: The garbage Viddler
Episode 4: Roger vs. the Viddler
Episode 5: You sank my star destroyer! Viddler
Episode 6: Maybe they all died of chlorine Viddler
Episode 7: Where DOES Roger keep his stuff, if not in his pants? Viddler
Episode 8: A funny thing happened on the way to Viddler
Episode 9: I guess they haven't worked all the bugs Viddler
Episode 10: Roger Wilco, Come Viddler
Episode 11: Sometimes, you've gotta know when to Viddler

The Space Quest 6 Viddler
Episode 1: The Roman numeral is on Polysorbate Viddler
Episode 2: Viddler
Episode 3: This happens every time I check into a Viddler
Bonus video 1: The Homing Beacon Puzzle or How to Succeed at Turning a Datacorder into a Homing Beacon Without Trying Very Viddler
Episode 4: Roger turns down the Viddler
Episode 5: THE Viddler
Episode 6: The best part of the Viddler
Episode 7: Circuit Sydney, your pull-apart Viddler
Episode 8: The Long Boring Trip Back to Delta Burksilon Viddler
Episode 9: Everything wrong with the game is in this Viddler
Episode 10: Dot With Fig,  
Episode 11: I look, uh... partially  
Episode 12: The final  

Errata videos:

Space Quest I  
Space Quest II  
Space Quest III  
Space Quest IV  
Space Quest V  
Space Quest 6  

El Generico fixed the Droids B Us theme song for us!

Kikka created a version of the skimmer theme that really highlights some of the things going on in that song:

Another number from Kikka, it's the Fester Blatz theme!

Kikka's on a roll, giving us a new cover of the Starcon Academy background theme from SQV!

And with an awesome synth cover of the Star Trek-inspired SQV theme, it's Anime Reference!

Anime Reference covers the ever-popular SQIII theme:

And one more from Anime Reference, it's everybody's favorite fast-food dive, if only for the music, Monolith Burger!

The next number in the Anime Reference soundtrack collection is the iconic (thanks to demos of Roland's MIDI cards) robot freighter theme from SQIII:

ADANDrPepper managed to capture the entire plot of Space Quest V from the very first video:

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