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Part 13: Page 13

... Surprise birthday party?

Notice that both doors lead into the same bathroom.

Grab some toilet paper, and we're outta here like Richard Gere.

Ah ha! You know a janitorial closet when you smell one. Almost at once you feel an emptiness, a melancholy longing. You begin to feel homesick.

From the 3 different Janitor's closets we come across, we grab a Plunger, a Glass Cutter, a Waste-basket, and a Lighter.

Youch! You feel alarmingly dense!

Apparently, you were a prime focal point for some aggression channeling by one of the caged creatures. Your compressed composition indicates that your attacker possesses considerable strength, a good guy to avoid in the future.

A barrier springs up before you!

Another barrier stands in your way!

You feel the floor shift below you, it's moving to the left!

Imagine, if you will, taking a bath in sulphuric acid and using pumice for a washcloth. After that bit of displeasure passes, it gets much worse as the acid slowly eats its way to the last critical organs. Finally, mercifully, death takes you.

I'm starting to think Vohaul might not like me.

Using formerly uncharacteristic creativity, you apply the suction-cup like plunger to the smooth metal finish and hang on for dear life! Once a janitor, always a janitor!

You release your grip and drop back down.

You have made the mistake of getting within what looks like a cattle-prod's length of the metal menace.

An electrical contact connected to an extension arm reaches from its body and makes contact with you. That when you begin to feel the intense burst of electrical current pulsing through your body. You quickly black-out.

As you can see, you amount to little more than a hill of laser-fried beans. You've come a long way only to be torched. Keep up the good work.

Starting a fire in the Waste-basket using the toilet paper and lighter, we set off the sprinklers.

Heh heh heh... With dry cool wit like that I should be a Super-Hero.

... Dad?

Why's your face pink all of a sudden?

Vohaul : Going somewhere? HA HA HA!

As soon as you step on the platform, you are struck by a beam of light emitted from a unit in the ceiling. In a matter of seconds you are broken down into micro-particles and extracted from the air.

Again the beam strikes, this time blasting into a glass jar on the console. It is there that you are molecularly reconstructed in miniaturized form.

... (sigh)...

Dudley posted:

The alien homage during that last segment is a lot of fun.

Oh no! One of the cells is opening! Who knows what unspeakable horror waits behind those steel bars?

OH, YUCK!!! The dark and spiny beast with massive red lips grabs you up and, after a long glance, proceeds (Don't read further if the phrase "French kiss" bothers you) to plant a very moist french kiss on you. You are quite stunned.

If you accidentally let this alien kiss you...

... You'll die like two hours later, and want to murder the people who wrote the game.

You are suddenly wracked with excrutiatingly violent pain! It feels as if your body is trying to turn inside-out.

After gaining freedom from its flesh fortress, the odd little alien runs away leaving you lying on the floor like a used, over-sized placenta. A darn tough, yet unique, way to go. That should teach you not to be sucking face with alien beings in the future.