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by Son of Bug Jug

Part 23: Page 23

Wheredidhego!? 5 points, beyotch!

*Insert penis joke here*

That was without a doubt one of the finest examples of bunny snatching we've ever seen.

Donald Sutherland would be so proud.

Take the battery out of the bunny and put it in the PocketPal... That was a weird sentence.

You extract the portable power pellet from the rear confines of the hare's polyplastoid torso.

You plug the mobile power cylinder into the laptop.

I don't need luck, I got skillz!

Fine, I won't take the ordinance. I will take the points, though.

Into the sewer, take the Jar that was on the table, then start the holo-playback-thing.


Sniffing AND tasting the slime, because I know my audience.

What were you expecting, Lime Slime? You notice a burning sensation when you get a strong whiff.

You can't do that here, perhaps in another sequel.

Grab some slime with the jar... For more sniffing and tasting later.

Getting shot by the guards just gives you the same ending as getting shot by the robot.

Latex Babes!? THEY'LL be my friends!