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Part 37: Page 37

Never fear, Cliffy - Son of Bug Jug to the rescue! How hard could this possibly be?

Slep : Ah look, Crumpella, a shooting star. Make a wish.
Crumpella : OK Slep. I wish...
Crumpella : I wish...
Crumpella : I wish we would discover someone else out there among the stars...
Slep : Don't be silly Crumpella! Everyone knows there's no intelligent life out there!

Okay, once more - with style.

Cliffy has been succesfully grappled. Now all that remains is to make it back to the Eureka... IF you can find it.

No problem!

Good flying Ace! You've returned to the safety of the Eureka.

Cliffy : Just give me a minute to rest and catch my breath, sir.
Cliffy : Thanks for pulling my butt out of the sling again, Captain. That's two I owe you.
Wilco : Think nothing of it, Chief.
Cliffy : O.K. I won't. But you need to get us out of here, sir. I don't know how much longer the Euraeka can stand the pounding she's taking.

Fly at light speed away from the badness, and straight to the research station.

Trying to beam down to the Research station.

Looks like you've had a "Zany Transporter Blooper", Rog. Quick, get a camera! Galactic Inquirer will pay you ten buckazoids if they publish your photo!

Well, at least things can't get any worse.

(It's a bit confusing in the gif - but the large gray fly is actually my mouse icon trying to get Roger to fly above the pond - the tiny fly that the frog eats is Roger.)

ReActor posted:

So, what happens if you try and take on the Goliath instead of escaping?

ReActor posted:

Also, if you decide to cook Beatrice do you get to see her charred, mangled remains?

N'ah - this's as "cooked" as she gets.