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Part 47: Page 47

Turn on the Auto-Pilot

Wilco : That would be quite cool, Manuel. You sure about that?
Manuel : Once the Divalium crystal has been repaired, our electrical system re-established, and the engines fired. I am 97.2 percent certain.
Wilco : Why only 97.2 percent?
Manuel : I judged 97.2 to sound more hip to our audience than would 100. You would have to mention it.
Wilco : Sorry.
Manuel : Don't apologize to me. It's the players you ruined it for.

Open up the glove box, and grab the Glue, Duct Tape, and Pump.

Pop the Hood and Trunk, throw on a spacesuit.

Retrieve your fish from the engine intake, and grab the sign and jumper cables from the trunk.

Time Passes...

More time passes...

Even more time passes...

Wilco : Well, yes, there is. Thanks for stopping.
Wriggley : You just name it, I guess.
Wilco : It seems I've stalled my engines. Could you give me a jump? I have cables.
Wriggley : I'd jump you in a heartbeat, Dollface. I guess you must'a got caught up in that anti-anomaly. They can be a real pain in the ... anyway, let's get it done.

Wilco : Well, here's your end of the cables.
Wriggley : I'll let you know when I'm all hooked up.

Wriggley : CONTACT!

This is where the recall notice comes in handy.

The engine starts.

Wriggley : Bye-bye, Sugar Bunny.
Wriggley : I've gotta be running along.
Wilco : Hey, thanks for stopping to help me.
Wriggley : See ya'.

Back inside the ship to fix the crystal.

Pop the crystal out of the datacorder, then throw some glue on it and the ship's crystal.

And yet another point in which the game will randomly crash - it seems to do this any time there's a stupid CG cutscene. Wondering why the updates for this one take so long? This is why.

Enter the space station, and head on down to Lab A.

Narrator : Sorry.

Wilco : Hello, Doctor.
Dr.Beleauxs : Janitor Wilco? What in blazes are you doing here?
Wilco : Well, Doc, I got a distress call.
Dr.Beleauxs : So, why are you here?
Wilco : Because I know it originated here. In fact, it was from Stellar Santiago.
Dr.Beleauxs : You're out of your mind, Wilco. Now go away and leave me alone. I've got important work to do. Good-bye!
Wilco : I... I know something's up here, Doc, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it. You'll be sorry, Pal!!!
Dr.Beleauxs : Yes, whatever you say, Wilco. Just get out of my face!

Once he storms out, rifle through his stuff to find the Callahan Moddie.

Back to the ship, and another random-crash point.

Wilco : PTS?
Manuel : Yes, Sir, PTS -- the Photo Triangulation System. It was installed as a crude backup navigational device to the modern navigational computer-system. It's what you see before you mounted in the middle viewscreen.

Now if you're playing through the game using the only walkthrough available on any of the Internets - you are going to have a time with this part, because the solution isn't exactly made clear.

First, have the PTS system give you two pictures...

...And then peel apart the photo and the negative of both of the PTS pictures.

Then here's the part that'll make you cry like an 8-year-old with a skinned knee : You have to place the negative from one picture, and then the photo from the OTHER picture on the PTS system. Any other order, or trying to use the photo and negative from the same picture, and it just won't work - and it'll never even hint as to why.

Manuel : The PTS is on-line and working. We can now launch to Polysorbate.

Once we arrive at Polysorbate...

Wilco : Beam me down, Manny!
Manuel : Step over to the transport pad and I will beam you down to the surface of Polysorbate.
Narrator : Manuel tosses you a transport signaller.
Manuel : You can only use this from the place I beam you to.

Back to "Implants 'n Stuff", and offer him the Callahan moddie.

Fester : Think so, eh?
Wilco : Oh, I really think you'll find it interesting.
Fester : Ooooooo!!
Fester : Why, I'd love to take that off your hands.
Fester : Of course, you realize that it's illegal to sell those, but I could trade you for something. Look around and see what interests you.
Wilco : I could really use a cyberspace jack.
Fester : Tell ya' what. I'll trade you for one of those fine specimens in the case. Whadda ya' say?
Wilco : No, I want the jack or it's no deal.
Fester : Oh, now take it easy, Sonny. I think we can do business.

Wilco : It's been a pleasure. Take care, Fester. I gotta fly.

And back to Lab A on Delta Burksalon, and use the Cyberjack we just got.

Wow, this place looks expensive.

Wilco : Whoops!
Narrator : Guess you're about to find out if there's cybergravity.

Narrator : Yep.