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Part 5: Page 5

As far as the VGA remake goes - my first priority is to get through as many of the originals as I can.

If I still have a boner for Space Quest after all that, I'll try to do the remake.

Anyays - Let's take care of Ulence Flats!

30 buckazoids? Your mother charges more than that.

Booze money!

Note the band on stage.

These "coupons" were actually physically included in the game box as copy protection, and aren't mentioned anywhere else in the game (they don't appear in your inventory). The idea being that if you didn't buy the game you'd never know "you" had them, and would never have enough money to get off the planet.

Section HH you say? ... Dun dun dun...

I'm on my way! Just need a ship.

We're going to need more money to buy a ship, so let's hit the Slots.

Gambling is much easier when you can save/restore.

Three Skulls! I won! I won! Also notice the new band on stage.

That's the other half of the copy protection. The machine will only ever let you get to 250 buckazoids, which isn't enough if you don't use the coupons.

And here's the third band.

Okay, let's buy a ship!

I'll take it!

You proudly climb into your new used spacecraft. There is definitely somthing unique about it.

Okay, the first one was probably just a fluke. How about this blue one?

I'll take it!

You shell out the buckazoids and hop in. Anxiously you fire it up and lift off.

Third times a charm. I'll take it!

Great, I'm outta here!

... Hey, Thanks for telling me about the droid-needing before I wasted my money on this piece of shit. Oh wait.

I wonder if these guys sell Droids?

Do you guys have any Tranny-Sex-Droids?

I'll take it! Unlike the ship store, there's nothing fun to see if you buy the wrong droid. The three on the floor you can't afford, and the green one just falls apart.

Droid : What sector shall I head for, sir?
Wilco : HH
Droid : Sector HH it is. I will proceed with course entry.
Alien : Hey! Wait a minute! Where do you think you're goin' with my ship!?!?

Up up and away! Watch out Sariens, Son of Bug Jug is a comin' after you.

alien8 posted:

I see you've got one of the early revisions of SQ1, before Toys 'R Us made Sierra change the droid shop to Droids 'B Us.

I've got a very vague memory that there is an easter egg in here somewhere - something about taking a leak behind the Droids R Us? Pretty fuzzy.

Good call. Here's the easter egg, with bonus droid-watching-you-pee action.

You leave a moist arch on the building's side.

Drat! You could've done without that sudden gust of wind!

You beam with pride having just written your name in the sand.

Edit : And here's a scan of the aformentioned coupons.