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Part 25: Final Results

Final Results

Link to video results

So there you go! Fourth place is getting or already has his reward. 3rd place needs to tell me which forum upgrade he would like. 2nd place, something cheaper on steam (I see you want R.U.S.E. maybe?) and 1st place, anything on steam (Borderlands 2? XCOM?)

Shout-outs and thank yous!

I want to end off by thanking all 94 participants in the tournament. Yes even you Color Printer with your one tiny point all the way to Cannibalk9 and his 54 points.

Thanks to JavaJesus who easily wins the "Most Improved" award. You sucked in the first weeks, but made it to the top 8 by the end. Be really proud of that.

Thanks to Orthogonalus who was one of 8 people who submitted for every challenge, but was the only one of that group not in the top 7 (at 14th). Perseverance paid off.

Thanks to zaq1xsw2tktk, Alien Spore, tobytse99 and all my other Chinese fans. How'd you guys do on Catalyst II? WildM got 342/1/54 which is the current record.

Thanks to slowbeef for graciously providing the 4th place prize and for the incredibly kind words on episode 5 of Retsutalk.

Thanks to Janderbuilt, Alkydere, cearn and all other people who might be reading this that created challenges that made it into the tournament.

Thanks to Zach Barth for making SpaceChem! He apparently wants me to group up all the challenges to maybe add to ResearchNet once I go through them and pick out the best ones. Edit: Which he did, my picks of the best 12 are officially in ResearchNet.

All the Tournament Challenges in one link

And in the end:
Serbaldrig is enjoying CODBLOPS2, WildM FTL, Pseudodude PMs, and Jabor, well....