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Part 17: Other Things - Phases of Water by Tulip

So that thing about ice e: why did this post like that

is that water's actually even more nuts than that. Here's the phase diagram i learned from

The astute readers (and Kurt Vonnegut fans) may notice that there's way, way more than just three phases there. Personally i've never seen most of them, and while triple points are cool as all heck there's the kind of problem that ice, water, and water vapor are all colorless and transparent so you can't really tell what's going on. The extra phases of ice do include some ice that is denser than water, but fortunately for life as we know it, our atmosphere doesn't hit 2000atm, which would crush us to death anyway.

Also, water is a fantastic solvent. We rarely think about it, because we see it so much, but there aren't that many readily available liquids that dissolve ionic compounds easily. Most of the other good solvents won't take up salt or sugar much, but water wil take it up by the boatload.