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Part 22: Other Things - Fluoroantimonic Acid by Tulip

The reason why ONN has both O-N=N and O=N=N is a classic, textbook example of resonance. In the first structure, the oxygen has essentially sucked a electron into its own orbit (and is thus negatively charged but screw it i'm not indicating that) and in the second it's gone down to a normal bonding orbital. Most double bonds with oxygen have this feature - when my organic prof learned how to make diagrams, he never drew oxygen double bonded in ketones or aldehydes.

LupusAter posted:

This makes me think, a Spacechem sequel with hexagonal instead of square cells would be a nifty idea. It would increase the number of possible molecules significantly, by introducing penta and hexavalent compounds, such as SbF6.

You mean HSbF6. Anybody who knows that molecule knows that the SbF6- anion is impossibly unstable on its own and will not persist even momentarily.

In fact let's talk about it a little because it's one of my favorite compounds!

H2FSbF6(alternatively HSbF6), fluoroantimonic acid, is the slightly more terrifying component of "magic acid" is the most powerful acid i have ever heard of. It acquires this incredible title because the SbF6- component is only made in the production of the acid. In any other acid, there is a continuous dynamic equilibrium as the acid decomposes into its ions and then recomposes back as the combined acid - HCl separates into H+ and Cl-, which then come back to being HCl. The concentration of H+(hereafter 'proton' for ease of typing) is the source of strength for any given acid, and hence HF is weaker than HCl because the fluorine is such a greedier bondmate than the chlorine (this is not an endorsement to screw around with HF that shit will end you). The familiar term pH value is the negative log of the concentration of protons in water - water itself deprotonates to the tune of 10-7 protons per water molecule. Now, when fluorantimonic acid deprotonates, SbF6- decomposes to SbF5, which is much more stable but it won't bond with protons (also it frees up some fluorine which is bad enough news as is). So that means that instead of an equilibrium reaction, we have an acid that deprotonates to completion, giving it a mind-numbing pH of -25. This shit dissolves glass, and in fact nearly every organic. The only thing i know that it doesn't dissolve is PTFE - this shit reacts with methane to produce CH5+, which is the sort of gibberish that usually means the author of whatever you're reading has lost it but nope, even methane handle that much acidity.

But anyway, agreed that hexes would be good, hexes are just a little more friend to chemistry bond angles as a rule. The way that benzene looks in game hurts me.