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SpaceChem (2013 Tournament)

by Wild M

Part 45: Closed Tournament - Round 6 Results

Congratulations, ecco2 and Carlbunk! Your victories were well deserved. As for our other three prize winners, you may not have been the best of the best, but you still get something for your troubles!


ecco2: Batman: Arkham Origins, a SpaceChem pin, and a copy of SpaceChem: Limited Edition. And my respect, because damn, man.
Serbaldrig: Deadpool, a SpaceChem pin, and a copy of SpaceChem: Limited Edition
Carlbunk: Bioshock Infinite + a copy of SpaceChem: Limited Edition or a SpaceChem Pin
Pseudodude: Kohan War Chest and a copy of SpaceChem: Limited Edition
CannibalK9: A SpaceChem pin and a demotion

Thanks Missed in the Video

Thanks to everyone who participated and watched! You guys made this a lot of fun, even if it was exhausting at times. I'd still be very interested in hearing ways that I can improve, especially since I'd like to try something else in the next few months!

I'd also like to thank those who hesitantly gave some of the buggier features in this game a shot. Though it didn't always result in a fun puzzle, I have to say, the results for Hypothetical Synthesis and Fantastic Metals both made my jaw drop.

A big thanks goes out to Carbon dioxide as well. Your chemistry insights provided some background to this thread that I never would have been able to put together as competently as you did.

One group I didn't thank in the video were the ones whose puzzles I used. You all added a lot to this tournament!

Naturally, thanks to GuavaMoment for hosting last year's tournament and giving me a good starting point for what a tournament should include.

Thanks to Zach Barth for creating the game, without which I would probably be asleep right now. I really appreciate you keeping me from that.

Okay seriously, what did CannibalK9 get, I have to know.

I'll let him share it with everyone else once Zach sends it to him. Let's say that it's one of a kind!

CannibalK9 posted:

Also, I mentioned earlier I got a new job...

As far as I can tell Zach hasn't implemented an entire minigame based around chasing dust out of to-scale reactor schematics, but I'll be there next competition, grumbling into the vacuum when you unthinkingly delete a screen full of symbols for the fifth time.