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Part 46: Other Things - Puzzle Editing by WildM

Warning, I use a lot of quotations ahead to keep things organized.

GuavaMoment posted:

What happens when you fuse two ?iums together?

They fuse into another ?.

Serbaldrig posted:

[Wyldium blocks in cearn's editor]

Thanks to cearn sharing the more powerful editor in the Steam thread, now you can! As an example, load this in cearn's editor:

This is what we get on the JSON side:

	"name":"Editor Test",
This is a very simple puzzle with only a Hydrogen in input alpha and nothing else. What do those numbers represent?

cearn posted:

The editor mode is experimental and very simplistic. It's basically JSON hacking. The meaning of the JSON string is mostly self-explanatory except for the molecule description. It's composed of 2+n fields separated by semicolons:

  • Molecule name.
  • Molecule formula. For subscript, use "~nn", where nn is a 2-digit number.
  • The rest are atom descriptions, formatted: "xyzzzhv", where x and y are the coordinates, zzz is the atomic number, and h and v are the number of horizontal and vertical bonds.

So that means at position 1-1, we'll have a Hydrogen with 1 bond to the right and 0 bonds below. At position 2-1, we'll have a Hydrogen with 0 bonds to the right/below. Something like this:

What if we replace element 1 with element 0?

I guess we get diatomic Wyldium!

In fact, I bet you could

oh my god