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Part 2: Chapters 4 & 5: The Refugees/The Edge - "Music and Knives"

Part 1: Music and Knives

So, in case anyone's interested, the music Radioman plays to usher the civvies 'off the stage' isn't Jefferson Airplane, as I thought when I was playing through, but a band called The Black Angels. The first track is called Bad Vibrations, while the second is The First Vietnamese War (Polsy links just in case of unmarked spoilers, you know what the Youtube crowd is like). The previous video featured Hush by Deep Purple. The licensed music featured in the game is seriously unusual, but perfectly fitting, considering the Apocalypse Now parallels. Doubly so, considering, as mentioned, Radioman himself sounds like he stepped right out of a Vietnam war protest.

The knife psychos also warrant a mention. The best way to deal with them is to either fire a shot at them, wait til they roll to the side and shoot them then, or to wait til they get right up in your face and point blank 'em. You get an achievement for doing this on the console versions, so it's arguably the best way to go. They do the most damage out of any enemy in the game, and on the highest difficulty, I'm pretty sure one shot will kill you there and then. Thankfully, they're fairly uncommon and usually wind up leading the pack in any major firefights, so you're rarely having to deal with some lunatic dancing around, carving you up while dodging fire from a dozen different directions. Still, the fact that there's a bunch of guys in the Damned 33rd who consider this a viable tactic shows how swiftly the situation is deteriorating. And considering we're still relatively on the outskirts of Dubai, you have to wonder what things are going to be like further in.