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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

by Suspicious Dish, Instant Grat

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Original Thread: The Legend of Sphinx: the Cursed Mummy of Time

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Do you like Zelda? Even just a tiny bit? Want another Zelda
game to play that isn't Zelda? It seems that Eurocom
was complaining about the lack of Zelda in 2003 so
much that they sat down and made a Zelda game themselves.

Yes, I'm not even joking: Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
is a very obvious Zelda clone. It's a damn good clone, though,
and it's very much worthy of your attention. It's got a lot of
interesting gimmicks that make it both stand out and be fun to
play. It didn't sell very well, though, and although fans have
been asking for a sequel, both THQ and Eurocom were shut
down in late 2012.

I'm going to show off everything this game has to offer. Yes,
that means I'm going full-on completionist with this. All of
the Golden Ankhs (heart pieces), all of the sidequeusts, all
of the minigames... everything.

Also! Grat and I know nothing about ancient Egypt, and yes, that
does mean we are extremely well-equipped to LP this game! Do you
know literally anything about ancient Egypt? It'd be pretty cool
to actually learn something in the thread, so I welcome all sorts
of interesting ancient Egypt knowledge!

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