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Original Thread: Swing that extra mile. - Let's Play Spider-Man 2 (PC) [VLP]



Let's Play Spider-Man 2 (PC)

Spider-Man 2 was a well-loved game. It did a lot for superhero games and even licensed games in general. On consoles, at least. The PC version of Spider-Man 2 should've been a no-brainer, right? Port the incredibly hyped and sure-to-succeed console title, achieving near-universal acclaim on four separate platforms. But that isn't what happened. For some reason, someone decided it would be best to make the PC version entirely different. Different isn't automatically bad, of course, but the end result was so bizarre and alienating to any potential demographic that it became utterly despised. We're going to give it a fair shake and see if it really is that bad.

About this Let's Play in particular:

I'll be playing through the main story and showing off some amount of the side missions and collectibles. Not all of them, god no, and you can forget about collecting all 78 hidden spiders and whatever doodads, but I certainly won't neglect them entirely. I just want to show off what the design was going for, without forcing you (or myself) to suffer.


That's everything, nerds!
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