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Original Thread: Mind if I drop in? - Let's Play Spider-Man 2000 [VLP]



Let's Play Spider-Man 2000

Red and blue costume? Check. Puts responsibility and the safety of others before all else? Check. Spider-Man 2000 is a rather ambitious action/adventure game loosely based on the 90s animated series. It features a respectable mix of several different gameplay genres, Stan Lee, dynamic music by Tommy Tallarico, and a fast-paced episodic story.

What kind of LP is this?

Video, post-commentary, 100%. I'll show off all the costumes and comic covers, as well as the training modes and various hidden areas. Even the silliest of slippery secrets.

Why should I care?

Spider-Man 2000 came out around a time when developers still weren't completely sure what to do with that extra third dimension, and instead of aiming for platforming, or action, or stealth, 2000 decided it was going for the whole pot. It's also one of the earliest action games to make proper use of 3D combat, providing a variety of situations you can tackle from multiple angles, and a reliable auto-lock that made taking out enemies in any direction flawlessly simple. It also features an over-arching story with pretty marvelous pacing, and keeps a tone consistent with both the 90s series and comics simultaneously.

Oh, and it controls splendidly.

Who made this game?

The original game was developed by Neversoft, but it was later ported to the Dreamcast and Nintendo 64. The N64 version contains the most differences, adding extra graphical effects and changing the cutscenes to comic book panels instead of FMV.

So how about it? Let's save New York City. Just don't spoil anything.

Episode List

#1. The Bank Heist

#2. Sting of the Scorpion

#3. Rhino's Rampage

#3.5 Who is Spider-Man?

#4. Enter Venom

#5. The Invasion

#5.5 Sling That Web

#6. To Trap A Spider

#6.5 Breaking the Bosses

#7. Hidden Comics

#8. Webless Run

#9. Everything Else


That's everything! Thank you for watching!


#1. The Bank HeistYouTube
#2. Sting of the ScorpionYouTube
#3. Rhino's RampageYouTube
#3.5 Who is Spider-Man?YouTube
#4. Enter VenomYouTube
#5. The InvasionYouTube
#5.5 Sling That WebYouTube
#6. To Trap A SpiderYouTube
#6.5 Breaking the BossesYouTube
#7. Hidden ComicsYouTube
#8. Webless RunYouTube
#9. Everything ElseYouTube
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