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Original Thread: Does way more than a spider can! - Let's Play Spider-Man Megathread



Let's Play Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Enter Electro is the direct sequel to the critically and consumer-acclaimed Spider-Man 2000. That was the action game to own for your PlayStation home entertainment system, and it set the standard for nearly every Spider-Man game to come. So how does Enter Electro intend to improve on that? In a lot of ways, actually!

Firstly, the game is far and away more difficult than its predecessor. Enemies are more aggressive, placed in more challenging positions, and in many cases more numerous. The bosses are ridiculously tough as well, and figuring out their gimmicks and weaknesses isn't a guaranteed victory. While the first game encouraged playing smart and approaching each situation carefully, in many levels Enter Electro absolutely requires it, unless you want to end up as Spider-Stew.

Secondly, there's a greater emphasis on all of the design principles from the first game. Combat has had a few minor refinements to be sure, but the higher demand for stealth immediately comes to mind. If there's something you had to do "sometimes" in the original game, expect to do it a lot more here.

Finally, level-specific gimmicks everywhere. Now, when I say gimmick, I mean that in the best way possible. To ensure variety, countless locations you visit have some sort of unexpected or harrowing challenge. This includes tracking down thugs to stop a bomb that's about to take out a whole city block, or frantically webbing up an airplane before it can crash into nearby objects in the hanger. It's tense, and it's nerve-wracking, and I love it.

The game is memorable, fun, challenging, and I would consider it to be Vicarious Vision's masterpiece.


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