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by Cooked Auto

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Original Thread: Let's Play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, sponsored by Wrigley's Airwaves



Released in 2005 for PC, Xbox, PS2, GameCube, DS, N-Gage and Mobile, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory or SCCT in short is the third game in the Splinter Cell series and is probably the best in the series. Well at least in my opinion. Taking the things that made the first and second game good and improved it. It's also the first in the series to feature ragdoll physics.

And it's also the last game before Sam Fisher started channeling Jack Bauer and it's shift from stealth to more action.

As the other games in the series it's a stealth game. With a Tom Clancy style story. With all that comes with it. We will once again take the role as Sam Fisher (voiced by the ever so awesome Michael Ironside) as he travels the world to deal with terrorists and it's ilk.

It's so far the only Splinter Cell game that features a Coop campaign for two players that runs parallel to the main campaign and intersects with the actual game at one part.

Now SCCT came with a lot of improvements over the first two games. Including one very particular one.

Is it the 5-7 SC Pistol with the new Optically Channeled Potentiator (OCP) that can disable electronics for a short duration?

Is it the SC-20K rifle with a new multitude of attachments such as foregrip for increased stability, a non-lethal weapon launcher, an undermount shotgun and a 20mm Sniper attachment?

Is it the expanded set of moves Sam can do that includes such things as chocking or breaking peoples necks while hanging upside down, or the attacks that instantly disable enemies regarding of direction?

The greatest addition to the game is:
The Knife
But what can this knife do?

It can slice!

It can cut!

It's very handy. (Although the other additions are pretty neat as well.)

The LP will be a non-lethal run through mainly, with alternate paths and methods shown as well whenever possible.

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The Cast: (Will be updated as the game progresses.)

Sam Fisher
* Born: 1957, Maryland, USA
* Height: 5′ 10″
* Weight: 170 lbs.
* Age: 53

Special Agent with a history of serving in CIA's Special Activities Division (Special Operation Group) and of SEAL Team Three (ST-3) as well as a number of conflict zones. Currently working with the NSA and the Third Echelon department.

Colonel Irving Lambert
* Born: 1961, Batcave, North Carolina
* Height: 6′ 2″
* Weight: 270 lbs
* Age: 46

Leader of the Third Echelon and therefore Sam’s handler, providing Sam with information such as critical updates, objective changes, and enemy status.

Anna Grimsdóttír
* Born: 1974, Boston, Massachusetts
* Height: 5′ 8″
* Weight: 160 lbs.
* Age: 33

Nicknamed Grim by the others, Anna is Sam’s technical operations manager at Third Echelon and her role is to provide him with technical support in the field, as well as to analyze and interpret much of the electronic data acquired during the mission.

William Redding
* Born: 1969, San Diego, California
* Height: 5′ 11″
* Weight: 180 lbs

William servers both as Sam’s field runner as well as provider of technical information regarding weaponry and vehicles.

Douglas Shetland
* Born: April 18, 1959, Boone, Iowa
* Height: 6′ 0″
* Weight: 201 lbs

An old friend of Sam after having served together in the Navy SEALs, Shetland is currently the CEO Displace International, a Private Military Corporation.

Captain Arthur Partridge
* Born: 1949, Tuskeegee, Alabama
* Height: 5′10″
* Weight: 173 lbs

Captain of the USS Clarence E. Walsh, a state of the art naval surveillance ship. He's an old friend of Sam and served as his Commanding Officer while during Sam's time in the Navy SEALs.

Admiral Toshiro Otomo
* Born: 1955, Hiroshima, Japan
* Height: 5′9″
* Weight: 161 lbs

Head of the Japan's new branch of its Self Defense Force the I-SDF and is assisting NSA and Third Echelon in tracking down the ones responsible for what's happened recently.

Frank Mason
Current secretary of defense under President David Bowers. Ordered the USS Clarence E. Walsh to the Yellow sea in response to the ongoing blockade on Japan by North Korea and China.
Has a very hardline approach to problems.

Minor Characters:

Hugo Lacerda
* Born: 1972 "El Salvador"
* Height: 5′9″
* Weight: 128 lbs

A Peruvian separatist revolutionary and leader of the guerilla organisation "The People's Voice." Responsible for the kidnapping, torture and subsequent murder of American Bruce Morgenholt.
Eliminated by Sam Fisher aboard the cargo ship Maria Narcissa.

Thomas "The Turtle" Standish.
British specialist bank thief recruited from prison to help Sam crack open the main vault. Quite possibly brokering a deal regarding an early end to his prison sentence.

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