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Part 2: Mission 2 - Cargo Ship.

Mission 2 - Cargo Ship.

Location: Pacific Ocean, 90km Southwest of Panama Canal.

Hugo Lacerda managed to get away from the lighthouse aboard the Maria Narcissa before you could get to him. Board the ship, locate him, and make sure that is never able to communicate what he may have learned from Morgenholt.

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60 Second Level Recap:
Cargo Ship (Viddler/Polsy)

Pardon about the length I suppose. I tried cutting down on some parts towards the end but the mission are rather long despite my attempts to avoid contact as much as possible.

Mission Objectives:

Primary Objectives

Eliminate Hugo Lacerda


Hugo Lacerda has been elevated to Third Echelon's Target of opportunity list. Take advange of any possible opportunity to remove him from the list.

Find out which cabin Laceda is in.


Interrogate the Captain, or check the ship's register in the main computer room to find out which room Lacerda is in.

Retrieve the Ship's transit legders for Lacerda's shipment.


A computerized ledger will be kept in the ship's office. Access this ledger to determine who facilitated the delivery of the arms to Lacerda.

Retrieve the Bill of Lading for Lacerda's Arms shipment.


THe arms used to pay Lacerda were shipped in a large crate, located in one of the cargo holds. Locate and read the Bill of Lading, mounted on the side of the crate.

Exfiltrate to the extraction point.


Steal the ship's launch, mounted on the stern, to escape the ship.

Secondary Objectives

Find the name of Lacerda's Panamanian Contact.


In addition to those shipping and recieving the weapons, someone must also have helped Lacerda get them past the new security inspection protocols at the Panama Canal. Find out who.

Opportunity Objectives.

Place tracking devices on any illegal weapons crates.


Planting tracking devices on the remaining crates that Lacerda is delivering to his allies and supports may assist in future intelligence operations.

Emails found during the mission.


From: Hugo Lacerda
To: Captain Diego
Date; June 28th, 2007
Subject: Coming aboard.

I'll arrive aboard your ship sometime tonight. Please keep your smelly hooligans out of my way. I don't want to be disturbed.


From: WNM News Wire
To: Subscriber
Date: June 28th, 2007
Subject: I-SDF allages North Korean involvement in market crash

Japan's I-SDF revealed their findings into the events surrounding 'Black Gold Day'. The report alleges that North Korean and Chinese information warfare attacks may have manipulate worldwide markets to bring about the economic collapse in Japan.


From: Gerardo
To: Igacio
Date: June 28th, 2007
Subject: Flooding

There is a problem with the main bilge. I think I have managed a work around. If any of the compartments flood again, try activating the secondary pump in the forecastle.


From: Pedro
To: Cornelio
Date: June 28th, 2007
Subject: Engine room

I'm very worried about the sealant rings on the gas pipes. We already have several small gas leaks. If it gets worse, a single spark could sink this rap trap.

Mission Notes