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Splinter Cell: Double Agent

by Erenthal

Part 1: Iceland



Fisher is sent to investigate suspected terrorist activities in a geothermal powerplant on Iceland. Along for the ride is John, a new Splinter Cell agent, eager to learn from the best.

Video (I highly recommend downloading the videos. They are wide-screen, and the quality really suffers online...)

And we're off! Mission 1 is basically an extended tutorial, for you to cut your teeth on before diving into the game proper. A few moves are shown off, a few terrorist dies. Plot is revealed. You know the drill.

Gameplay mechanics!

You might notice as you watch the video that the light-meter, trusty old companion of old, is gone. Yeah, I know, I'm bummed out too. Instead, we get the Threat Detector, visible as a glowing patch on Fishers back. Let me demonstrate:

Okay. Green means you're okay. Enemies can't see you, unless they stumble upon you. Yellow means that you're visible and liable to be spotted if a terrorist gets you in his line of sight. Red means that you have been detected and identified as an enemy, which is really bad news.

E-mails, data and notes:


From: Omar Bouali
To: Jaleel Alzahabi
Date: 18-Sep-07
Subject: FW:RE: Electric fence

I don't know why I keep sending this email, because you never listen. We have a major security issue, but nobody seems to care. We have to keep the elctric fence on at all times to keep out intruders, and I don't care it interferes with your laptop screen! As a matter of fact, if I hear one more time that you turned it off using the power box inside the guardhouse, I'm gonna shoot the breaker, and then I'm gonna shoot your laptop. Understood?


From: Abdul Rahman Mukhtar
To: Hassan Muhammad
Date: 17-Sep-07
Subject: RE: Nightshift

If you put me on night shift one more time, I am going to start dressing in black like those vampires you see in the bad American movies. I don't care what the duty roster said, I haven't seen the sun in two weeks.

New equipment unlocked:


The EMP grenade will temporarily short out any electronic device caught in the radius. It's also silent.