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Part 7: Cozumel


Briefing: Sam has been sent to Cozumel, Mexico in order to test the JBA's new bomb technology. The target is a cruise ship just off the coast, filled with the idle rich.


This is one of my favourite mission in Double Agent. It's nicely designed, and a good change of pace.


Primary Objectives posted:

(JBA) Place the JBA's bomb:

In order to preserve your cover, you must plant the JBA's bomb on the ship as they instruct you. If you leave the ship before this mission is carried out, you will compromise your cover within the JBA and lose their trust. Any deviation puts your cover, and thus the entire operation, at risk.

(NSA) Get the detonation frequency:

You'll be able to defuse the bomb remotely by capturing the detonation frequency and triggering a blocking signal on it. To do that, you'll need to use your watch to record that frequency after you've put the bomb in place. Don't take to long, or Enrica may become suspicious.

(NSA) Place smoke bomb:

In order to evacuate the ship, we're going to need to convince the Mexican coast guard that there's a real threat. That means using a fake one to get the point across. Plant smoke bombs in the ship's vents. When they go off, the tourists will be evacuated, and the potential loss of life will be reduced.

(JBA) Dive to extraction:

Now that the bomb is in place, you can leave the cruise ship before you attract unwanted attention. Reach the security hatch, and dive into the sea to leave the ship.

Secondary objectives posted:

(NSA) Don't kill civilians:

The cruise ship is crawling with Mexian Coast Guards, crewmembers, as well as the occasional tourist. Killing civilians would attract too much attention from the Mexican authorities and should be avoided at all costs.

(JBA) Reach pool deck without alerts:

In order to carry out your objecites, you need to reach the pool deck. Follow Enrica's directions to get there, and try to avoid raising an alarm. The ship is being patrolled by the local Coast Guard, so they'll be on you in a hurry if you do.

(JBA) Plant bomb without alerts:

The bomb needs to be placed toward the front of the ship. You'll have to travel through the airducts to get to the foredeck. Do so without triggering an alert.

Notes, data and e-mails:


From: Peter L. Libbman
To: Hugo Wrightson
Date: Feb 26th
Subject: FW: Aquarium

Hey, man, did you get a load of the aquarium? The thing's got a crack in it like a fat plumber's ass. I'm telling you, it gets any bigger and those fish better learn how to walk. We'd better fix it real soon.


From: James Eakins
To: Hugo Wrightson
Date: Feb 26th, 2008
Subject: Aquarium!!

Boss, I don't know how much you like fish, but if we don't do something about that crack in the aquarium, there's gonna be a couple of dozen all over the floor real soon.


From: Hugo Wrightson
To: Peter L. Libbman
Date: Feb27th, 2008
Subject: RE:Light

I got the memo about the busted light in the stairwell and I'll be taking care of that today. We can't have the passengers trying to take the stairs in the dark, after all, not in the condition they're usually in.


From: Jonathan Dumaine
To: Shane Trumbull
Date: Feb 27th, 2008
Subject: Coast Guard

Hey Boss - the coast guard guys are still down here poking around. I don't know when we'll be able to get back to worl. Every time I try to do something, they tell me to sit down and shut up. So if you need me or my crew, we'll be right here, sitting down and shutting up.


From: Jason Goudeau
To: Crew- All
Date: 25-Feb-08
Subject: Navigation room code

The keypad code to access the navigation room from the lounge has changed again. The new code is 2112. And if you guys want the code to stop changing every two weels, stop giving it out to tourists! The navigation room is a secure area, and if you want to impress 19 year-old tourist girls, you better damn do it elsewhere than on the forward deck.


From: Ship Maintenance
To: Crew - All
Date: 26-Feb-08
Subject: Emergency hatch repairs

Hey guys - the good news is that we finally got the emergency hatch on the front deck repaired. We should have the safety inspection done tomorrow, to make sure we won't have any more fat tourists using it as a dive platform.


From: Theodore Higgs
To: Louis Herring
Date: 23-Feb-08
Subject: Maintenance report

Captain, most of the routine maintenance is done. We're still waiting on someone to do something about that broken airvent cover in the steam room, but I'd say the chances of one of the tourists finding their way in there and falling in by accident are just about zero. We're good to go.


From: Frank Thompson
To: Frank His
Date: 27-Feb-08
Subject: RE: Fuel pumps

You may want to recheck the maintenance report on the fuel pumps. I'm seeing a pretty serious leak out of one of the pumps on the foredeck and if we don't do something about it pretty soon, it could get nasty. Or, we could ignore it and let the ship catch on fire. It's up to you.

Equipment unlocked:


A variant of the EMP grenade, adapted to be launched by the SC-20k.


A variant of the gas grenade, adapted to be launched by the SC-20k.