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Splinter Cell: Double Agent

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Part 9: Kinshasa


Briefing: Emile is having a meeting with Massoud Ibn-Yussuf and Allejandro Tawkfir in Kinshasa. It is imperative that Fisher finds out what the meeting is about, and how it pertains to the JBA's bombs.

Video (part 1)

Video (part 2)

I mention it in the video, but I do apologize for some rough editing in part 2. That secton of Kinshasa can be extremely buggy if you're unlucky, and I had a hell of a time getting good, consecutive footage.

Sam's choices:  I didn't kill Hisham, even though Emile ordered me to. Though Emile will be angry at my disobedience, Hisham and the intel he's carrying is too valuable an asset to risk. 

Alternate choices: (spoileriiiiiific)

 If you do kill Hisham, the mission ends right there. That's right, no palace infiltration. You lose a chunk of NSA trust, and it's off to mission 10. Now, this choice, along with the choice whether or not to blow up the cruise ship, is one of three critical choices throughout the game. The last critical choice is coming up in the next level, and these choices combined will determine the ending of the game. I won't say more than that for now. 


Primary Objectives posted:

(NSA) Bug the secret meeting room:

It is desperately important that we know the content of Emile's meeting with the other terrorist leaders. Plant a miniature microphone in one of the plants of the meeting room, so that the information can be communicated and we can make the appropriate preperations. Avoid detection by Emile at all costs: if he notices you in the meeting room, your cover will be blown for sure.

(JBA) Return to the parking lot:

Emile is on his way back to the parking lot. You have to reach it before he does, or he will be suspicious of your activities inside the hotel.

(JBA) Find CIA agent Hisham Hamza:

You must locate Hisham Hamza. With the terrorist groups hunting for him, it is imperative that you find him first.

(NSA) Do not kill Hisham:

Hisham Hamza has been identified as an embedded CIA operative in Massoud's group. Emile Dufraisne has ordered you to kill him, but doing so would deprive the NSA and the CIA of critical information that could lead to the prevention of massive terrorist attacks.

(JBA) Kill Hisham:

Hisham Hamza has been identified as an embedded CIA operative in Massoud's group. Emile Dufraisne has ordered you to kill him, a move that would fortify your cover within the JBA.

(NSA) Rescue Hisham:

Hisham Hamza is a prisoner of the rebel forces who have overtaken the presidential palace, located on the other side of the battle zone from the radio tower. Infiltrate the palace and help Hisham escape from his captors. Be careful: The rebels are on edge, and if you trigger an alarm they might begin to execute prisoners.

(NSA) Help Hisham escape:

Despite your orders from Emile, Hisham Hamza is a valuable asset who must be kept alive. Do what you must to help Hamza escape. Escort him to the fence near the docks, so he can regroup with CIA assets on the ground. The fence is near your rendevouz point with Emile.

(NSA) Retrieve plans from the camp:

If possible, infiltrate the Presidential Forces camp and take their operational plans. Do this while avoiding attention if you can, as the camp is crawling with Presidential forces.

Secondary objectives posted:

(NSA) Avoid all alerts:

The terrorists are using a secure room at the top of the hotel for their meeting. However, it shouldn't be secure enough to keep you out. Find a way to infiltrate it without triggering an alert, or they may choose to use another site.

(NSA) Prevent the execution:

If possible, you should prevent civilian casualties. The Rebels will execute three civilians. You should stop them if possible.