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Original Thread: Sam Fisher returns: Let's Play Pandora Tomorrow


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Let's Play Pandora Tomorrow!


Table of contents

1. This post

2. Mission 1 - Embassy : Post / Video

3. Mission 2 - Paris/Cryloab : Post / Video

4. Mission 3 - Paris-Nice train : Post / Video

5. Mission 4 - Jerusalem : Post / Video (part 1) / Video (part 2)

6. Mission 5 - Kundang camp : Post / Video

7. Mission 6 - Komodo shipyard : Post / Video

8. Mission 7 - Jakarta TV-station : Post / Video

9. Mission 8 - LAX : Post / Video

Intro: Welcome (and welcome back for some of you) Clancy-fans, to the second installment of the Splinter Cell series, Pandora Tomorrow! Released in 2004 for the Xbox, PS2, Gamecube and PC, it's a refinement of the very successful (and IMHO fun) formula established by the 2002 game Splinter Cell. Though not reaching the heights of its sequel Chaos Theory, PT is still a very good game and has (though perhaps not graphically) aged quite well.

The story: We will once again find ourselves in the shoes of Samuel (Sam) Fisher, a highly trained operative working for a top-secret division of the NSA, as he sneaks, kills and hacks his way through terrorists and mercs in order to keep the western world safe. Set shortly after the conclusion of the events of the first game, Pandora Tomorrow begins with a terrorist attack on the U.S embassy in East Timor, but quickly spirals into something far more sinister.

NOTE: I will not delve that deeply into the events of the first game, or backstory found in there. If you want to find out what happened, watch my LP of the first game.

Also, if you want to know what happens in the sequel, watch Cooked Auto's LP of Chaos Theory (but be aware of spoilers for this game if you do so.) if you so desire.

The LP: I will play the PC version, on Hard. As with the first game, I will not do a 100% stealth-run. I will do a "normal" run, where I will try my utmost to be both sneaky and stylish, where violence will play a part when needed. Each update will also contain all the e-mails and data found during the mission, as they take far too long to read in the videos.

Extra material: (spoilers)

Video: Killing Coldeboeuf

Video: Missing intro

Video: Trains are dangerous

Video: Dahlia Tal Redux

Characters and cast (spoilers):

Sam Fisher is our protagonist. A veteran of black-ops and espionage with many branches of the U.S armed forces and intelligence agencies, he now works for the NSA. He's cool, calculating but not without humanity and compassion when needed. He has a teenage daughter, and is a single father. He is voiced by the always spectacular and awesome Michael Ironside.

Lambert is a division director at the NSA, heading up Third Echelon. He's Fishers immediate superior, and handles Fishers assignments. He and Fisher are good friends, and have an easy working relationship. For this game, he is voiced by Dennis Haysbert, more known as president David Palmer on 24.

Anna Grimsdottir is Third Echelons computers and systems expert, and Fishers main technical support in the field. If code needs cracking, or a system needs hacking, she's the woman for the job.

D.P Brunton is Third Echelons inter-agency liason. In laymans terms, he makes sure the cooperation between the NSA and the CIA or other U.S agencies goes as smoothly as possible. In the field, he helps forward information from these agencies to Sam.

Frances Coen is Fishers field runner. Her job is to arrange for transport, weapons, equipment or anything else Sam needs in the field. In the first game she replaced Vernon Wilkes in this role, and after a period of adjustment she and Sam soon found that they got along well with each other.

Douglas Shetland is the CEO of Displace International, one of the largest and most influential U.S PMCs (Private Military Contractors). He and Sam go way back, and by coincidence he was at the U.S embassy in Dili when it was stormed. He also assisted Fisher in infiltrating the Kundang camp, along with his PMC soldiers.

Suhadi Sadono is an Indonesian guerilla leader, and the man responsible for the attack on the U.S embassy in Dili. Sadono has aquired weaponized smallpox with the help of Norman Soth, and was effectively holding the U.S hostage. If Sadono was killed or captured, the virus will be released on the U.S populace, a plan Sadono calls "Pandora Tomorrow". However, following the locating and neutralizing of his virus carriers, Sadono was captured by U.S intelligence operatives and is currently in CIA custody.

Norman Soth, AKA Mortified Penguin, is a rogue CIA agent, working with Suhadi Sadono. What he stands to gain is yet unknown. Soth was last tracked to Jerusalem, Israel, where he traded one of the ND133s he stole from Saulnier for smallpox virus from a Syrian terrorist group. After Sadono's capture by the CIA, Soth attempted to release the last remaining ND133 with smallpox inside LAX airport, where he was confronted and killed by Sam Fisher.

Dahlia Tal was a Shin Bet agent helping Fisher infiltrate the Syrian terrorist stronghold in Jerusalem, and acquire the smallpox sample. She was killed by Fisher, after the NSA found out Shin Bet was planning to kill Fisher and keep the smallpox for themselves.

"Bellagio Sampler" is a CIA analyst and expert in bioweapons. He was called in to help analyze the sample Fisher found in the Jerusalem warehouse.

Ingrid Karlthson first met Sam in the Dili embassy, where she was held hostage. At the time, she was posing as a linguist and desk-jockey working for the CIA. In reality, she is an experienced and fully trained CIA field agent, sent to Dili in order to keep tabs on Soth. In Jakarta, she helped Sam extract Sadono into the custody of the CIA.
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