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Original Thread: Never trust a Georgian, Let's Play Splinter Cell!


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Never trust a Georgian, Let's Play Splinter Cell!

Splinter Cell, or Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (though Clancy has absolutely nothing to do with this other than slapping his name on it) is a game released in 2002 for the XBOX. A PC version followed, along with a PS2 and Gamecube edition and even a GBA version (thanks Dragonatrix!). We will be playing the PC version.

It is a stealth game dealing with fairly plausible subjects and story. As a player, we will take the role of Sam Fisher (voiced by the hardest man in show business, Michael Goddamn Ironside) as he sneaks, kills and hacks his way into a multitude of locations on assignment from the NSA.


We will of course be playing on HARD. I will not be going for 100% stealth, sorry. I will try to minimise my impact, but 100% stealth is just not very fun to look at. So, I will do a "normal" playthrough. Some people may die, some firefights might erupt. Cool toys will be shown off.


Training - Viddler

(Easter egg: Viddler)

Police Station - Link to post / Viddler

Ministry of Defense - Link to post /Viddler (part 1) Viddler (part 2)

Oilrig - Link to post /Viddler

The CIA - Link to post /Viddler (part 1) Viddler (part 2)

Kalinatech - Link to post /Viddler (part 1) Viddler (part 2)

Chinese Embassy - Link to post /Viddler

Abattoir - Link to post / Viddler (part 1) / Viddler (part 2)

Chinese Embassy 2 - Link to post /Viddler

Presidential Palace - Link to post / Viddler (part 1) / Viddler (part 2)

Characters (spoilers):

(List will expand as we encounter more people)

Sam Fisher, our hero. A veteran of special forces and black-ops, called back into service for the NSA.

Irving Lambert, our boss. He acts as our main point of contact with the NSA, and gives us our orders.

Anna Grimsdottir is our technical support. She leads a team of crack NSA analysts tasked to support Fisher. Decryption, hacking and data-analysis is her forte.

Vernon Wilkes Jr is our runner and side-kick. As a runner, his task is to arrange for Fishers equipment and weaponry as well as transport for exfiltration. Died during the Kalinatech operation.

Vyacheslav Grinko. Ex-spetsnaz mercenary in the employ of president Nikoladze. Is involved in the disappearance of the two CIA agents.

Philip Masse. Canadian hacker and programmer hired by Nikoladze for unkown purposes.

Kombayn Nikoladze, current president of Georgia. Took power in a bloodless coup after the old president was assassinated by unknown parties. Currently in hiding.

Frances Coen is our new runner, replacing Vernon Wilkes who was killed during the Kalinatech mission. She's professional and pleasant, and she get's along really well with Sam.

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