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Sprung Flash Game

by Wolfshirt

Part 5

Ice7 posted:

Mumble through the lyrics of "Iris"

*mumble**grumble*touch you
*mumble**graah*sooner or later

 And hhhheeeere come the typos. Nice work Ubisoft, good job 

Hey guys, way to go! She totally seems interested in me!

slowbeef posted:

(Introduce yourself.)

SWEET! This is totally working. I--

I just moved here from Kansas last month, you won't believe how hard it is to meet people in a new city.

Yeah that's nice I didn't really ask for your life story

Heh,I guess that's why I agreed to this blind date.

Okay stop talking now.

THANK you.

That's right Josh, keep your poker face on. Remember what that dating website said. If you want the girl you have to focus and block out everything else.

Eyes on the prize Josh.

I think I need a better line...