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Sprung Flash Game

by Wolfshirt

Part 7

John Pastor posted:

"Listen, lady, I don't get riled up at anything less than zombies. Fuck the aliens and fuck your non out-putting ass."

I know you're under just as much stress as I am Josh, so I'll let that profanity go. This time.

Jeeze, end of the world and she's still got a stick up her ass...

Roland T. Dapperman posted:

Show her your "tractor beam."

That's nice Josh, perhaps after the END OF THE WORLD I'll take a closer look at that.

SCORE! just take care of the invasion and I'm set.

Kal-L posted:

She's obviously hysterical. Slap some sense into her.

Damn, well it almost worked but she's just back to normal now.