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Part 24: Melnorme - Current Events

Current Events are another line of questioning that you can pay the Melnorme to explore. Again, these are really helpful if you are lost and don't know what to do.

While you probably believe that the Shofixti are extinct, having caused their own sun to flare with a device identical to the Utwig's super-bomb, the truth is not so simple. There yet exists a chance to resuscitate this meta-marsupial species, though it will not be easy. The problem at hand seems simple: bring together two Shofixti of different sexes, and the carnal gymnastics proceed. Given the short gestation and maturation time of the Shofixti, you will have thousands of the creatures in ten years, and millions in twenty.

Finding a male of the species is easier than flup, simply visit the Shofixti's blasted star system at Delta Gorno. Captain Tanaka or its sibling Katana shall greet you on your arrival. A warning! These warriors are old and fly in barely functional ships. If they mistakenly identify you as the enemy, do not return fire! Retreat and try to talk with them on their own level.

The females of the species will be more difficult to obtain. The only supply of such remaining in the galaxy is at Alpha Cerenkov I, included as part of General ZEX's bizarre and beloved manegerie. Fortunately for you, Captain, ZEX is considered...well...perverse, by his fellow VUX. This is because ZEX actually enjoys the presence of human beings. To acquire the Shofixti females, you will have to oppose ZEX, or kill him.

The Ur-Quan are presently at war with a race called the Kohr-Ah. They are fighting within a large spherical region of space centered around the Crateris star group. Although it is probably too early to tell, it would appear that the Kohr-Ah are winning.

No doubt you are familiar with an alien race called the Umgah who live in the Orionis constellation. While they are renowned for their potent and often cruel sense of humor, they have outdone themselves in recent years. Specifically, they have used an unusual Hyperwave 'Caster to impersonate the Ilwrath gods Dogar and Kazon. When the Ilwrath began tuning-in to 'the voices of their gods' on their Hyperwave receivers, their priest caste was understandably skeptical and counseled their many followers to ignore the blasphemous signals.

However, in a surprise move, the majority of the Ilwrath then rose up and slaughtered the entire priest caste. Their reasons for this ghastly move included over-taxation, lack of 'quality death in ceremony' and the general feeling that the priests had made Dogar and Kazon's pronouncements overly complex.

As you know, there are weaknesses in the division between dimensions. For example, your vessel uses such weaknesses to enter Hyperspace. However, there are other weak spots in the galaxy which lead to yet different dimensions. The portal opens only a short time each month starting on the 17th. Since we have never entered the portal, we can give no more information on this subject.

As you are probably aware, Ur-Quan starships - you call them "Dreadnoughts," I believe, possess effective self-annihilation circuits which prevent other races from reverse-engineering Ur-Quan technological secrets. However, we have become aware of a shipwrecked dreadnought which has remained largely intact. You will find the remains of the ship on the surface of a blue world orbiting Alpha Pavonis. We suspect you will find at least one item of interest there, possibly two.

You may have noticed the presence of an increasingly large number of red probe vessels, which move with great speed and attack relentlessly. We are sorry to say that this is our catalog item 2418-B. Do not blame us! We are not responsible for this violent folly! The product is not being used in a correct manner. Should you wish to confront the actual wrong-doers, we suggest you search the planets in Beta Corvi for the probes' owners.

Not more than fifty years ago, the Druuge were informed by the now-extinct Burvixese race of a powerful alien nation called the Utwig. The Utwig, the Burvixese explained, were pleasant, sophisticated creatures, but they were also terminally depressed and often spoke about ending their lives by activating a super-weapon, some kind of gigantic bomb, which they had found on one of their worlds - Zeta Hyades VI-B I think it was.

The Druuge recognized the description of the bomb as a Precursor planeteering tool, which indeed was an explosive device of unrivaled power, and they set out to make it their own. Though the revolting, criminal, insidious Druuge rarely leave their sphere of influence (it encompasses Algol, Almagest, and the Persei stars), they made a special trip on this occasion to the Aquarii constellation, where they made contact with the Utwig.

There is a device commonly known as the 'Ultron.' It is now in your possession? Ah...I see. The Druuge sold this device to the Utwig, explaining that it was a Precursor "Personal Magnifier," which would enrich the lives of their entire culture in too many ways to describe specifically. The Utwig, I am sorry to say, fell for the Druuge's foul ruse, and snapped up the Ultron immediately.

Fortunately for us all, the Utwig did not pay the Druuge's requested price, the super bomb, and instead gave them a collection of "historical oddments and genuine artifacts," which to this day, the Druuge are trying to unload on unwary buyers.

The Utwig, who live in the Aquarii constellation, have grown very depressed of late. They accidentally broke the supposed "Ultron" sold to them by the felonious Druuge. As a consequence, they are morose and melancholic, and will probably be unwilling to help you fight the Ur-Quan. If you wish to gain them as allies, we recommend that you acquire the broken Ultron (as if it EVER worked) and find some suitable replacement parts.

Our information indicates that you can find these items in three different places. A Rosy Sphere at the Druuge trade world, an Aqua Helix somewhere in Thraddash space, and a Clear Spindle, which is currently in the possession of the Pkunk. Captain, that was the last current even we have for sale.