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Original Thread: Video history of the Lylat Wars: Star Fox 64



Welcome to my first Let's Play thread, for one of my favorite games, Star Fox 64. I put the European name in the thread title as well just because.

This was originally conceived of back in December 2006 as a little project just to entertain my friends, long before I even knew that you guys were doing this "Let's Play" deal. I decided I would record myself, and add snarky captions making fun of the game as well as giving tips on various shit. I actually recorded a complete playthrough in January, and those are the first two videos. I looked for programs to add comments, looked at Windows Movie Maker, "said fuck this shit" and gave up.

Then I tried again a few months later, and decided I was sick of the music in game since I've played it so much, so I would add my own for extra entertainment value. The product of this was the first video, which was rather well liked by everyone I had shown it to. Since then I had planned on making an LP thread once I had gotten experienced enough making these videos, fixed technical problems, and had everything sorted out. And here I am.

I am going to record myself playing all the levels in the game, with different paths when applicable. However, I'm not going to do all the paths on Venom, because there's like nine of them. I'll also be showing the mission failure cutscenes for Fortuna, Katina, and Sector Z.

Updates will be a week. I'll be using Youtube since Google Video is a real bitch for uploading things. However the finale with be a 5 part adventure from Bolse to Venom, and back to Area 6, then to Venom again, and then through the credits. If file front will let me I'll try upload the 5 parts as 2 instead.


Corneria, Enter Star Fox Read the description for music credits.YouTube Google
Meteo, Into the Asteroid Field Read the description for music credits.YouTube Google
Sector Y Combat Zone, Fierce MeleeYouTube Google
Fortuna Former Defense Post, Enter Star Wolf Did I mention its boring?YouTube Google
Aquas Ocean, Terror of the DeepYouTube Google
Zoness Toxic Waste Area, Invasion AftermathYouTube Google
Katina Frontline Base, ReunionYouTube Google
Sector X Combat Zone, Mystery of the Space BaseYoutube part 1 part 2Google
Sector Z Combat Zone, The Ambush of Great FoxYouTube  
Titania Arid Desert, The Search for SlippyYouTube  
Solar, Out of the Frying Pan... Google videoYouTube Google
Macbeth Venom Army Supply Base, The Doom TrainYoutube part 1 part 2 Google
Bolse Defense Outpost, The Last Hurrah YouTube  
Venom 1, featuring Fake AndrossYouTube  
Area 6 Defense Station, Through the MiddleYouTube  
Venom 2, the Brainiest Brains to Brain the BrainlatYouTube  
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