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Part 1: 01 - The Adventure Begins (In Two More Updates!)

01 - The Adventure Begins (In Two More Updates!)

[That's it. That is Krystal's entire backstory. Her whole story receives next to no mention because it was hammered into the plot. Originally she was born and raised on Dinosaur Planet, but that was changed when the project became Star Fox Adventures.]

[Ok, hold up. How does that guy even fly? And why, if this planet has no humanoid population does he have a saddle? Did Krystal bring it with her? Did she make it?]

It said something about a mountain hidden in a storm. Whoever they are, they sound to be in great danger!

Ah yes, the sweet vengeance of God strikes at you!

Yeah...that'll work!

Like I have a choice!

Eh, close enough.


I...I've got nothing. I think it's a viking/dinosaur/airship.

The fuck. Well, what do we do?

I can shoot huge fireballs, too.

What? Seriously?


What the fuck is with dinosaurs on this planet?

[Airship Battle: Viddler]

[This fight is pure tutorial. The CloudRunner has infinite life (there isn't even a health gauge) and there's no ammo to speak of. This means you can just sit there shooting fireballs for hours with your eyes closed and sooner or later you'll probably win. On the downside, there's no targetting reticule, so actually aiming is a pain in the ass, also movement is a lot less precise than in the other shooter segments as you've got a very small range of movement and are always forced back to the centre.]

[You have to destroy three parts (six, technically): the two fire-breathing heads and the four parts of the rotor. When you're dealing with the rotor, it will try to ram you (again, for no damage) but you can dodge it by flying to one side.]

[Once that's done the huge head swings around and shoots at you with a gigantic fireball that is slightly harder to avoid. Of course, if you actually start shooting right down the centre of the screen, you can actually kill it before it even gets a shot off.]

Gotcha, stupid viking-dragon-dinosaur-airship!

You didn't even do anything...

Landing on a burning airship is a great idea.

This makes even less sense. Why are you doing this?

This could be the source of the distress signal!

Ok, but why the hell would you send your heavily-armed transportation away when you're on a burning airship?

[We finally take control of the game and head off to explore the ship. The GUI is pretty simple. The hearts fox-esque, red things represent your life. A and B will change to represent possible action depending on the situation, you can hotkey an ability or item to Y, and X allows you to roll.]

See? Someone in distress.

Yeah, I'm sure babies in cages can send distress signals into deep space. Oh, and where's that mountain in the middle of a storm?

Maybe it's inside!

You're dead to me.

[The Z-button puts you in first person mode. You can look around like that, but it won't be all that useful until a bit later.]

I found something!

Huh, a key. It might actually open that cage. I'm...flabbergasted.

Ok, you're overdoing it a bit.

Eat it.

Hahahaha, wrong key! Fuck you!


[ will have to watch this fucking animation EVERY TIME. Sometimes you'll have to watch the same animation multiple times because the item is special for some reason. Generic items like ammo and health won't, thankfully. This is one of the worst parts of the game because you can't do anything to skip it. If you thought that Link getting excited over his new boomerang or bow was bad, this is easily ten times worse.]

[That said, item control is really easy. The C stick allows you to rotate through three things: the only one Krystal will use is items (the red bar), the rest will come into play later.]

Well, it only comes from the Krazoa Palace, no reason it won't work here.

Heh. HEH.

See? It doesn't even have a lock. You could've just opened the damned thing.

Ok, god, just leave me alo-

Holy fuck, have you been in that burning shed the whole time?

I kept slamming the door open in case you showed up. I was getting tired of waiting.

[Yes, he is referring to himself in the third person. Is anyone surprised that he's a megalomaniac?]

Ruler, tyrant and dictator of Dinosaur Planet.

I'm only here because of a distress call.

A distress call? This whole planet is in distress.

The CloudRunner told me about you, the evil General.

Oh, clearly.

I rule over the many dinosaur tribes. You see, I must control this planet with fear.

You dare to challenge me?

Scales, you may be evil as fuck, but for now you're an honorary hero.

This is not over!

Let's find the source of the distress signal.

Maybe you'll actually get it right this time. Mountains are elusive beasts, though.