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Part 9: 09 - Fuck You, Indiana Jones

09 - Fuck You, Indiana Jones

[Last time on Star Fox Adventures!]




[Aaaand we're done! Moving on.]

[Here we are: DarkIce Mines. The mine itself is further in (and underground), but we have some exploration and random do-gooding out here.]

[While we set Tricky to digging up junk and boring holes into caves (evidenced by the circle next to the mushrooms; the icon indicates his assigned action; in this case, Find Secret) we have a trapped SnowHorn who, amazingly, wants to be set free.]

[Further exploration reveals a number of doorways blocked by huge sheets of ice. The Fire Blaster (the full name of the Blaster) does nothing, so we'll have to go find another way in.]

I have some C4 back on the Arwing.

Nah, too sensible. I'm sure we'll meet a magical crabman who can use his claws to slice through the ice or something.

[So we head into the tunnel I sent Tricky to dig earlier.]

[Where we find a few SharpClaws and a LifeForce Door. This of course leaves us no option but to butcher the poor fucks.]

[Behind the door we find some kind of hexagonal chest. Of course, we have no clue how to open it, so-]

Did you just...

Look man, there's a round hole and arrows pointing to it. Fuck it; I'm starting to 'get' the whole mindset of these retards.

Just for that, you're going to be punished.

[This key is for the mammoth's leg shackle.]

...then please look out for Belinda Te, the GateKeeper's daughter. She didn't mean to get us into this mess by telling Scales about the SpellStone.

Uh, didn't he have the SpellStone before he came here?

Shhh. She did what she thought was right. Please help her.

Are we done here?

It looked important, so I hid it from the SharpClaw.

A cog.

You can't be serious. What next, pulleys and levers?

Don't forget the frumious Bandersnatch and the Jubjub bird.

You giant nerd.

Don't knock on Lewis Carroll.

Holy christ, they actually do use cogs and levers.

Is that thing made of sponge or something?

[Who the fuck built something like that?

[And for the first time ever, those wall-monsters open fire on us.]

[This isn't technically the first place you meet them (they showed up in that cave with the eight million GrubTubs), but these Mini Pouncers start becoming a lot more frequent. They have about half the health of a normal Pouncer, but they also shoot at you from range whereas Pouncers pop up and claw at you.]

[But first a short rest.]

Uh, yyyyeah.

I see your little friend has yet to learn his Flame Command.

His WHAT?!

Go on, youngster, give it a go. through the main gates. I need some food.

[So, yeah, now Tricky can shoot fucking streams of fire on command.]

[So we can explore some more.]

[And find more obnoxious flying enemies that respawn every twenty seconds or so.

Yo, Tricky, burn some crap.

Noice. Get it? Get it?

Way to go, asswipe.

Hey, I don't get to breathe fire!

[Anyway, we head down into the hole, break some ice, and then dig up...]


Great. Where are we going to find another?

Oh, fuck you.

Eheheh. Good luck!

Oh god!

Tricky, get your ass up here!

God damn it!

[The white/red thing is what shows up over Tricky's head when there's something around that he can interact with.]

Get on my back. Let's smash those gates!

Fuck. Yes.

Could we go any slower?

[After riding for about 20 seconds to reach the door...]

[We're in...somewhere? I guess?]