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Part 16: 16 - In Which Krystal Does Not Appear

16 - In Which Krystal Does Not Appear

Let's go, fatman.

Well, ye dunnae need tah be crappy aboot it.

Gah. Every time...

Tricky, grab that bag and hurry your ass up.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you. I cannot warp dinosaurs!

[Oops. I forgot that only gets mentioned now. Sort of makes you wonder how the hell the SharpClaw got into the Krazoa Shrines or how they ever got them from their Shrines to the Palace, etc., etc. Continuity!]

Good, fuck him.

I can still hear you, Fox!

Good, fuck you.

[Krazoa palace is hardly any different now. The only notable difference is that there are more enemies besides the jellyfish.]

[How will we ever cope with these challenges?]

[And this is the broken puzzle I mentioned. You're supposed to use Fireflies in here, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna sacrifice one of my precious green numbers for this crap.]

[Because of the relatively short draw distance in the game you can abuse the fog to reveal the contours of the room. You can see a pillar and the outline of the ramp leading upwards and a small chunk of something lying along the road. You just have to compare the shades of darkness; pure black is very close to you, and the further you get the lighter the shade of grey.]

[So we just need to run back and grab this timed bomb and then traverse the room before it explodes.]

[Past this crack we find a non-timed bomb dispenser and...]


[Ah yes, good old patented RareLogic.]

[A new twist on an old idea.]

God...damn it.

Should've played more football, Fox.

[A quick juke around the moving flames and we come face to face with this jerk. The blue aura is a shield; we can't hurt it until the shield is gone. Of course, the controls are the two glowing orbs right next to it. Shoot through a flame of the correct colour and...]


[Go back and grab the bomb one more time and our reward is a room with a warp point (that we can't use yet) and some SharpClaw.]

[So we just take the lift up into these tunnels.]

[Which leads us into this huge, central room. No giant crystal to get trapped in, though.]

What's down there?

Sam Fisher.


Never mind.

[This room is relatively simple, the central whirlwind blows you up really high and then dropping off from one of three angles will drop you onto a smaller, suspended whirlwind which in turn gives you access to the other three floors (anything else will drop you to the floor of the room) . There are jellyfish floating about, but they can't knock you out of the whirlwinds, so they're just a mild nuisance as usual.]

[The first floor we arrive on is guarded by...this thing. We've seen this before (there's a similar door behind the EarthWalker Queen), but we can't do anything with it yet.]

[The next floor has another of these floor sensors (the first was the grate we didn't open when we were leaving Volcano Force Point Temple).]

[The only thing we can use is this ensconced tornado on the top floor.]

Ok, where do I dump your soggy ass?

You can't yet.

Well why the hell not?

You need to go up on top of the platform.

Fox, don't do it. He's messing with you.

What's the worst that could happen?

Akward and retarded saxophone music.

Damn it...

Click here see the 'truth'. I don't advise it.

Agh, my head! What the fuck just happened?

Uh...the Krazoa knocked you out and entered your body.

That little fucker! I'll need better containment next time.

Hey Peppy, did you just get raped by some kind of symbiotic alien ghost? No? Then shut the fuck up!

Oh god! The pain!

Finally done. Now, how do we get out of here?

Oh, I've got you covered.




He'll figure out the truth eventually.

Believe me, I can live with that over the alternative.


Wha's wrong wit' 'im?

I think he's in shock. Oh, wait, he's coming around.

Those little bastards will pay for this in blood.

Right there, Fox. Time for you to head down to the Seaside.

I don't tan very well.

Nae fer that, ye idiot.

You cheeky little blighta! Now, I've been keeping this back for you.

[Or when we need to reach a new area.]

[It holds 100 scarabs. We need 60 total, so you can just run down to that ring of stones and collect some cash, but I forgot to show this during the Shopping Run video, so I'll do it now.]

[Just opposite the Scarab Game room is this wall. It isn't solid, and it reveals...]

[A free 30 scarabs. Not bad.]

[This time we're heading out the south-west exit.]

[This switch gate area is the easiest one in the game, it just funnels you one direction and there are no other gimmicks.]

[That's because the zone it leads to is tiny. My theory is that the complexity of the switch gate area directly correlates to the size of the area it leads to, and LightFoot Village is pretty small.]

[A main gimmick in this area (aside from a boost pad that led us to a few fuel cells) is these trees. You can hit them and they'll make a drum-like sound. They're supposed to be a puzzle that you only learn the key to later, but since there are only six possible combinations, you can just whack them one after the other and you'll get it right sooner or later.]

[Which makes the nearby gateway open. Even more amusingly, we can actually go in and do stuff that matters, but we'll be back later, so I'm just gonna leave it since even though we can do stuff, it won't have any effect until later.]

[And here we have the most recent bottleneck. We could have come here earlier, but this guy would have stopped us.]

[Which leads to a tiny maze, which is about as difficult to traverse as the Maze under the WarpStone.]

[We also meet the WallTrap, some kind of crazy vine monster that tries to poke you as you run by.]

[The rest of the maze is uneventful, and it leads us to...another switch gate area. Fuckers.]