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Part 24: 24 - The Cliched City

24 - The Cliched City

Well, we might as well explore.

[This area is fucking tiny; seriously, this whole zone is only slightly larger than ThornTail Hollow.]

Let's hurry up that exploration part, ok?


[These are the RedEyes. There are four of them here and they wander around the central ziggurat. We can't hurt them, so all we can really do is avoid them.]

[Luckily, they are confused and terrified by ramps.]

[We landed at the northern end of the area. To the east is a bridge leading to a sealed door.]

[Looking off of the bridge we find a barred door and a ladder leading down to it. No obvious way to open it, so we'll leave it for now.]

What the hell is this, Raccoon City?

Kneel a bit and I'll make you look like a raccoon.

[A broken bridge leads south, but, well, it's broken.]

[And, lastly, to the west, there's another sealed door.]

[Now, if you haven't caught on yet, this area is themed. To the east are red, sun-themed buildings, and to the west are blue, moon-themed buildings. They're both relevant to our ultimate goal in this area, however, they do have one key feature that needs to be taken into account.]

[First, you return to either of these huts. Ideally, you want to pick whichever one best represents the time of day (sun for day, moon for night). You aren't forced to wait for one or the other, but it makes things easier.]

[A furnace pops up above Fox.]

[And finally, a blue door opens up on the side of the ziggurat. You then have a certain amount of time to get up the ziggurat.]

[The walls of the ziggurat will slide out to block you, or, if you're really dumb, push you off.]

[This is why the time of day sort of matters. Notice that there is a Moon and a Sun sigil? When it's night the Moon slides out and vice versa. The Moon blocks the way to the Sun and so on. Of course, you can still run the long way around and make it on time, it's just more annoying.]

[Inside the ziggurat and down some winding passages the game throws a new kind of fire at us. I had a lot of time, so I could afford to dodge the fire.]

Psh, fuck that. I can walk on fucking lava.

I huff, and I puff, and I burn your house down!

[Or, you know, light up one of the symbols.]

[The whole rigamarole repeats itself.]

[However, because it was still night (a day cycle is something like 7-8 minutes) I had to be a bit creative.]

Sheesh. I should've just come up here and left Tricky then started the timer. Would have been less stressful.

Heh. Logic.

Oh come on. It was a part of a puzzle back in that huge Krazoa statue on the way to Ocean Force Point Temple.

Just drop it already.

[Down the deep, dark tunnel we go...]

Fox loves the deep, dark tunnels.

Oh, really?

And just whose dad is hanging out at the bottom wearing jewelry?

Grody. Dad, Dad, you're ok!

You're hardly the first of our family to need to resort to *ahem* tricks.

Holy fuck, that's the origin of my name? I need to vomit.

Uh, great.

Aah, the famous Star Fox, hero of Dinosaur Planet!

You...uh...don't need to thank me, though.

And before you ask...

Someone get me a thesaurus, I need a synonym for sigh.

Groan, maybe?

Moan would also work.

Yeah, one of those.

But I do know where you could look!

Those obviously puzzle-related statues with the gap-toothed grins?


Not an easy task as they are protected...

By the pusher- Nevermind.

By the very life force of the RedEye Tribe.

Wait, does that mean you're giving me an executive order to kill stuff?

Not only that!

I've also requisitioned a new bridge for your use!

First Raccoon City, now Sim City? What the fuck.

[So, yeah, I was wrong about having a fully upgraded staff. Technically, it's not a new skill, but...]

[Anyways, first off we're going to finish plundering this place since we can now access just about everything. First off, in the far eastern sector there's a small enclosed section.]

[With a bomb-able wall in the back.]

[Bafomdad Count: 17]

[Across the new bridge we put Tricky to work burning stuff.]

[Up above we find a suspicious bomb-spore location. Or, it would be suspicious if the controller wasn't having a seizure and the staff wasn't glowing. This is the fucking subtlety of a brick up the side the head.]

Wow, a shrine.

You said we were done.

I was wrong, ok. Go get zapped with lightning.

Promise this is the last time?

Jesus Christ! Yes! Just get it over with!

Super. What's it do?

I dunno. Maybe it does a more powerful Ground Quake, you idiot.

Well, you don't need to be crappy, Mr. Liarpants.

[Heading to the west of the newly opened area we find both a Bomb Spore Plant and a spot to plant another Bomb Spore at. We plant a second spore to kill two birds with one stone.]

It's red. That's all?

Well, it's obviously used for some new purpose. Oh, it also costs twice as much.

That's just great.

[Bafomdad Count: 18]

[The King wasn't really kidding when he said that the RedEye Tribe's life force was protecting the teeth.]

[For the most part, the EarthWalkers in this area have dick all of worth to say. Generic 'times are tough' shit and complaining about the RedEyes. This guy, found near the LifeForce Door has something useful to say, though he's a bit cryptic about it. Almost as if he were channeling someone...]


[The first of the pillars around the Arwing lights up. Obviously, there are three more to find, but there are quite a lot of trees. The solution is fairly simple; there are only four EarthWalkers outside, and they're all right next to the correct trees. The only one you're likely to miss is the one in that small clearing to the east. The rest are right near important locations.]

[Hitting the fourth target lights up the last of the flames.]

[Which in turn activated one of these.]

God damn it. Pass the bourbon.