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Part 25: 25 - IN-VIN-CI-BLE


Wait a minute. There aren't any platforms to jump on. I just have to swim?

Just. Heh.

Oh, yeah, I found something behind the Arwing's platform.

[Bafomdad Count: 19]

Now that I'm extra immortal, let's do this shit.

Hey, it lowered that gate over on the other side!

The other fucking side?! Are you shitting me?


[This time you don't start with a lump sum, instead passing through the sparkles increases your time. It starts by giving you 7.5 seconds, but that amount slowly decreases.]

[Aside from that, this race is only slightly different from the CloudRunner Fortress one. Of course, that also means it's usually close as hell at the end.]

[There are certain sections where the water is very shallow and you can run along. I'm not convinced that running or rolling are actually faster than swimming when you add in the pull of the current, but there are a few places where the sparkles are on the shallow sections.]

[And some where they aren't.]

[As you round the second bend (the course is roughly square shaped) the sparkles start to get farther and farther apart.]

[Which means you'd better not be dicking around.]

[As you pass the third bend the end comes into sight. The flashing red numbers are also looming down on you.]


Gahahahaha *choke* kahahahaha! *cough*

Fuck yes!

I have never been so happy to be getting some stupid item.

[Well, that's half of the puzzle. That was actually intensely satisfying, but let's get to the more viscerally satisfying part now.]

Hey, ugly!

Get fucked.

He ain't dead.

Oh, I got that shit covered.

Why is that even there?

Anime has nothin' on me.

[That's how you take out RedEyes. A Super Quake knocks them down and a bomb kills them.]

[It doesn't happen every time, but it is possible to get trapped in the crook of a RedEye's tail until he gets back up. You can usually get out when he wags his tail, but it's not a guarantee.]

So very satisfying.

[We're just about done here. Total time thus spent in the Walled City thus far: 20:00]

[Bafomdad Count: 20]

[Considering how grapically impressive most of this game is, it's kind of hilarious how the 'slot' for the Silver tooth is actually a matte black tooth that the Silver Tooth just sort of gets slapped on top of. The gap where the tooth is inserted looks so out of place.]

[As the two statues raise up, a ramp shifts down revealing a passageway somewhere. The King just sort of stares off into the distance as Fox heads down. Dick.]

[King RedEye - Commentary: Viddler]
[King RedEye - Music (Mirando by Ratatat): Viddler]

[Fox arrives in a chamber comprised of huge hallways linked to form a square. The door slams shut behind him, dropping him on his ass.]

That was quite a howl. It's big one, isn't it.

Oh yes.

[That's the King RedEye, and yes, that's the SpellStone lodged in his forehead.]

You know what, I don't even care.


Yeah. I realized something just now.

I'm fucking invincible.

[If Galdon was more of a direct boss that you pummel with assorted damage to kill, then King RedEye is more of an environmental boss. Instead of directly attacking him, you stand on these glowing switches which in turn charge up huge blue lasers on the wall.]

That works? Shocking.

The corruption has begun.

[As you stand on the switch the four lasers charge up, and when they're all charged they unleash a barrage of electricity. If King RedEye is inside this or passes through it, he gets stunned and falls down.]

[Notice how I'd been holding a bomb the whole time? We don't have time to fuck around with gay staves. Anyways, that's basically it for defeating King RedEye. Do that four times and it's over.]

[The only remaining gimmick is that every time you deal damage to the King, the switches move a little bit closer to the lasers.]

[Still closer...]

[Sometimes, after hitting him with a bomb, the gates that give you access to the bombs will shut. In theory, you're supposed to run down the hallways to find the small alcoves that do not have grates, but as mentioned before...]

[We really are invincible. The shield honestly does trivialize a lot of this fight.]

[Now, if you'll notice there is some kind of white spittle at the end of the hallway (it's not easy to see, but I assure you, it's there). This is what happens whenever the King roars. It indicates that he's about to rush down the hallway. Because he generally does it while in view of Fox, it can screw your timing up. You can still anticipate it and shock him, it just makes it a bit more annoying.]

It's over?

Four rounds of electrocution followed by cranial explosions? Yeah, sure.

Then I just *squelch* need to *grunt* pry this *squish* thing from his *crack* head!

[God, the sound effects. Don't believe me? Watch the end of the Commentary video.]

So, yeah, I lied.

I'm invincible, bitch.

Are you invincible or The One? You can't be both.

How about just being hardcore? Get it? His skull is thick, and-

Just be quiet.

My brain hurts! Aaaaagh!

[Come on, I had to use that image at least once.]

Veni Vidi Vici.

Did you not hear the howling and the explosions and then the sickening crack of flesh and bone?

Nah, we just came out here to chill with the AC from your Arwing.

You assholes! You'll kill the battery!

Do not worry son, I will stay within the city until it is returned to the planet.

Do we have any plausible reason to think that will actually happen?

Just a little more. Almost there. Just a little more.

Did widdle Foxy-Woxy miss his Arwing? I hereby dub this the Awwing.

Oh, go to hell.

[We also have six hearts now. ]

Now, let's waste no more time. You have a SpellStone to take to the Volcano.

God, I hope we never have to come bac- I shouldn't have said that.

No, probably not.