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Part 79: Turn 347

TURN 347

Our scientist was put out to pasture once the upgraded Birds of Prey were invented, but he has been conducting unauthorized experiments with the research points we weren't able to track down. His breakthrough in biotech would enable us to upgrade several basic structures to level 8.

Our Ferengi conquests have added to the rogue science power. The scientist is told not to bother doing any more research, but that if he does anyway, it should be in construction science.

We have taken Harrakis, the last dilithium-producing system in the Ferengi empire. They can no longer make any more troublesome ships. But they still have a lot left, judging by what we saw earlier.

Thanks to our Cardassian affiliation treaty, we have no problem bringing ships down to the southern reaches of Ferengi space, but we'll build an additional Starbase on Harrakis to improve scan strength and as a backup in case the Cardies terminate the treaty.

In the meantime, we need to send Scouts to find where the Ferengi fleet intends to make its last stand: Galdonterre or Deneb.

TURN 348. Intelligence officers are mildly annoyed by the latest act of sabotage against us. Old reports are destroyed. Not that we've read them anyway, or would want to.

TURN 349. A Ferengi command ship appears out of nowhere to strike at Harrakis. It's a little late, buddy.

Our Troop Transports built an Outpost and have not yet started upgrading it to a Starbase. Thus, we get a rare sight of a Klingon Outpost in this battle.

The Ferengi brought one of their Marauders. Its massive size can be seen just by comparing it to the Outpost. Undoubtedly it would like to retreat now that it sees all of the cloaked ships.

Marauders have a powerful tank, but nothing can save him today.

It looks like our use of martial law on the Bynaus system has done some good. If they rebel, the Minor Race will become immune. But for now, we can take advantage of their sizable industrial power to fuel our war machine.

TURN 350. We've conquered a nice chunk of the Ferengi empire in this war, and President Kirk warns us that we're being a little provocative.

Our Scouts have spotted 41 warships on the Galdonterre system, the only one where the Ferengi enslaved Cardassians. This is a large number of ships, but can't be all that remains of the Ferengi fleet. If we take advantage of our Birds' speed, we can strike them now before they combined everything into one fleet.

Meanwhile, Volon will take advantage of the unauthorized biotech research to upgrade intel centers to level 8.

TURN 351. Our Starbase on the former capital of the Ferengi empire will have to face the Ferengi command ship alone this time.

Our Starbase has exceptionally poor aim, but the Marauder doesn't want to push it. He retreats.

Our 25 Birds of Prey and 9 Scouts arrive on Galdonterre. But the Ferengi have reinforced Galdonterre with about 15 extra warships just as the battle begins.

Luckily, we spot only 2 Marauders in the gigantic Ferengi fleet. We will target the Strike Cruisers first, because they should be easier to take down and guarantee less enemy fire once our cloak round is over. The Scouts will target the enemy Scouts and Destroyers, since they actually stand a chance of blowing those up. Since there are no non-cloaked Klingon ships, all enemy ships will be stationary during the cloak round. This prevents the problem of the lighter ships flying around in circles to avoid enemy fire.

Our fleet decloaks and opens fire, hoping to inflict enough damage to minimize our losses once the enemy can return fire.

We have no trouble taking down the Strike Cruisers, and the Birds divert remaining weapons against the stationary light attack ships. Our Scouts are getting some kills, too.

Explosions light up the Ferengi fleet. We've destroyed a lot more than just their Strike Cruisers.

All enemy Strike Cruisers were killed in the initial assault, along with about half of the 40 light attack ships. The Ferengi still have their heaviest ships, including both Marauders. We did not target them; they are undamaged. Now we will rectify that.

The Ferengi know they are outgunned now, so they don't bother firing back. They just want to escape with as many ships intact as possible. But they underestimate the bloodlust of the Klingon fleet.

Our ships rain down hell on the Ferengi. Every last one of them is destroyed. None escape.

The list of destroyed Ferengi ships runs on for several pages. They may still have ships left, but as a serious military power, the Ferengi are finished.