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Part 91: Turn 407

TURN 407

Before the Federation's fleet was massacred at Sol, President Janeway dispatched 3 of the empire's most powerful ships to go attack Vulcan. It is difficult for Humans to hear the news of millions of Vulcans being bombed. After all, the Vulcans joined the Federation almost from day one. But Janeway insists that as long as the Vulcans are part of the Klingon system, they must be considered the enemy.

8 of our Birds of Prey will fly to Vulcan and crush the Federation warships. Even with their incredible speed, it will take 3 turns to get there. The Vulcans are defenseless in the meantime.

TURN 408. Some Federation Destroyers had gone out ahead of the Command Cruisers to raid the former Cardassian systems.

Once again, Janeway orders the bombardment of Vulcan. They have no Troop Transports to support a liberation attempt: They were all blown up in a sneak attack before we launched our conquest of the Romulan empire. Without troops, the bombardment can only amount to a campaign of genocide. Janeway hauls up a Vulcan named Tuvok to the podium at a press conference. "This Vulcan supports my policy," she says defensively. Tuvok, holding back tears and trying not to think of his people's suffering, sputters, "The President's policy is...logical..."

We will waste no time. As half our Birds of Prey head toward Vulcan, the rest of the fleet remains on Sol. The invasion of Earth will begin. We note that Mercury has been bitten by the barren climate change event, reducing the system's population capacity from 335 to 330.

TURN 409. Janeway is still scolding reporters and defending her administration when Klingon soldiers burst into the conference room. She is offered the opportunity to fight for her freedom or accept a lifetime in prison. She chooses the first option. "I know my way around a bat'leth," she glowers. After a second or two of fighting, Janeway is fatally stabbed by her nameless opponent's bat'leth. Earth is ours.

Earth is placed on lockdown.

Our Birds are a turn away from Vulcan, but the death of Janeway has resulted in the end of the extermination policy: The Command Cruisers have left. A new Federation President has been elected. His name is Jonathan Archer, but we do not know his current location.

Vulcans are logical. They have done the math and determined that regardless of the bombings, the Klingons will win the war and rule the galaxy. As such, the enslaved Vulcan populace has reached "loyal" morale, the second-highest. It would be inappropriate for Vulcans to be "fanatic". In exchange for their loyalty, we will buy them new food supplies to replace those destroyed in the bombardment.

TURN 410. The fleet moves next door to Quazulu. The Federation have an Outpost and 3 Destroyers, presumed to be the same trio that had been raiding our credits to the west.

Our numerous Troop Transport ships have no fear of their enemies. Though technically non-combatants, they have weapons and are expected to pull their own weight.

Destroyers are swift, but we fire so many torpedoes that some are bound to hit. All Destroyers are killed before they can escape.

The Outpost attempts to fire upon a Scout, but it is blown up before it can do any harm.

Still, we are running out of Scouts. We'll have only one spare after we take Quazulu.

TURN 411. Rather than dealing with any micromanagement Quazulu may need, it's time to get more Scouts!

The 3 Command Cruisers are spotted returning to scannable space. President Archer is worried for his safety and orders every available ship to return. The Birds are dispatched again.

The problem with Ferengi space is that it's just so far away. Nearer conquests are ordered to begin production of new anti-Battery ships.

TURN 412. We catch the murderous Command ships.

They are quite powerful, but they are no match for us. They are easily blown apart by 8 of our Birds. Archer will have to build some replacements.

We have seen a lot of natural disasters in our day, and nothing will top the supernova on Volchok, but the death toll here is rather impressive: A plague kills 108 million Ferengi on Kentanna. Our empire's doctor claims it may have been transmitted via earwax.

TURN 413. As we ferry Scouts toward the front lines, one Scout too proud to cloak is ambushed by a trio of Destroyers.

Perhaps these were the intrepid raiders who stole our credits. Our Scout is newly built and its crew has none of the experience that the rest of our fleet does. But retreat is not the Klingon thing to do. He opens fire.

Everything is going fine until the Federation Destroyers return fire and landing a killing blow. It is a rare defeat.

We got some new Scouts and are ready to take another large system.

TURN 414. 300 million more Humans join the Klingon empire against their will.

To the east, President Archer is frantically trying to build some defenses before our inevitable arrival.