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Original Thread: To Sit In My Chair and Order Others Around. Star Trek Bridge Commander



Star Trek Bridge Commander is a game where you get to sit in the center chair and control most of the operation of the ship. This game takes place during the Next Generation era after the Dominion War in an new area of space called the Maelstrom. The main driving point of the story is to investiage and determine why a perfectly healthy star called Vesuvi suddenly when super nova taking out some of the inner planets in it's system.

The LP
The game will be presented in video form. Commentary will mostly pop up between scenes and conversations.

Spoiler Policy
It is no secret we will go from a Galaxy Class starship to a Sovereign Class as its bridge is all over the box shots. Try not to talk about that ship till we get it though.
Do Not spoil anything we haven't got to in the story yet.


Bridge Crew

Commander Saffi Larsen (voiced by Martha Hackett)
Race: Human
Our new First Officer. Her commands include being able to change the alert status between Green, Yellow, and Red. She is also who we talk to for our current objectives and acts as our voice in conversations.
Fun Fact: Martha Hackett is also know for her role as Seska on Star Trek Voyager.

Ensign Kiska LoMar (voiced by Lisa LoCicero)
Race: Bajoran
Our Navigation officer. She will allow us to warp to any location in the Maelstrom as well as Nav points and docking at any starbase we encounter. Also used for orbiting planets
Fun Fact: She played (Voyager Spoiler)Ensign Miral Paris, daughter to Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres in the Star Trek Voyager finale “Endgame”

Lieutenant Felix Savali (voiced by Nicholas Guest)
Race: Human
Our Tactical officer. He will mainly be used to maneuver us in to the proper possition to fire our phasers and torpedoes. He could be used to fight for us but there is no fun in that. and his AI is pretty stupid
Fun Fact: He doesn't really have any notable Star Trek roles though he was an Unnamed Starfleet Cadet in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Lieutenant Commander Miguel Diaz (voiced by Jonathan Del Arco)
Race: Human
Our Science officer. He will mostly be used for well...scanning. He can also lunch probes for I think all of once or twice in the story.
Fun Fact: He is more well know for his role as Hugh the Borg in Star Trek The Next Generation.

Lieutenant Commander Brex (voiced by Andy Milder)
Race: Bolian
Our Chief Engineer. He will be responsible for repairing the ship and distributing power to whatever systems we tell him to.
Fun Fact: Andy Milder has also been a Bolian on Star Trek Deep Space Nine and took over the voice of the Bolian Chell in Star Trek Elite Force II


Captain Jean-Luc Picard (voiced by Sir Patrick Stewert)
Race: Human
Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise E. He is our Tutorial guide.
Fun Fact: I really don't have to explain this one do I?

Lieutenant Commander Data (voiced by Brent Spiner)
Race: Android
Navigation and Science officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Fun Fact: Again I should have to explain this one.

Admiral Alice Liu (voiced by Freda Foh Shen)
Race: Human
Admiral in charge of operations in the Maelstrom. She will give us our missions 90% of the time
Fun Fact: Umm... She was an unnamed Helmsman on the Kelvin in Star Trek XI

Commander Matthew Graff (voiced by Michael Reisz)
Race: Human
HE is charge of Starbase 12. Get use to his face, we will see it every time we dock at Starbase 12
Fun Fact: Was William Telfer in the Star Trek Voyager episode "Good Shepherd"

Captain Gregory MacCray (voiced by Dennis Cockrum)
Race: Human
Captain of the U.S.S. Geronimo.
Fun Fact had most small parts in TNG, Voyager and Enterprise

Captain Draxon (Voiced by Earl Boen)
Race: Klingon
Captain of the IKV RanKuf.
Fun Fact: Earl Boen is better know for LeChuck in the Monkey Island Series. He was also Director Somas in Episode 1 of the game and played Nagilum in the TNG 2nd Season episode "Where Silence Has Lease".

Captain Korbus (voiced by Vaughn Armstrong)
Race: Klingon
Captain of the IKV Jonka
Fun Fact: Known for playing Admiral Maxwell Forrest in Enterprise.


Captain Torren (voiced by Carolyn Hennesey)
Race: Romulan
Captain of the IRW Soryak. Since she is a Romulan, that should be Commander, not Captain.
Fun Fact: No real Star Trek credits outside of this and another game Star Trek Away Team

Captain Terrik (voiced by Barry Dennen)
Race: Romulan
Captain of the IRW Chairo. Again this should be Commander and not Captain.
Fun Fact: Another who only has voice credits in Star Trek games.

Legate Matan (voiced by Earl Boen)
Race: Cardassian
Leader of House Arterius.


Daimon Praag (voiced by Max Grodénchik)
Race: Ferengi
In command of the Krayvis.
Fun Fact: Known more for playing Rom on Star Trek Deep Space Nine and several other Ferengi though out TNG and DS9.

WARNING: Story Text Dump Ahead

Manual Story Intro posted:

The Dauntless has been ordered to the Remmler array at Arkaria base to undergo badly needed maintenance. After the many fleet actions the ship had participated in during the Dominion War, it was in dire need of a refit.

Captain Wright was a veteran of three major conflicts - the war with the Cardassians, the fight against the Borg and the Dominion War. His service record was impressive, which is why he earned command of the Dauntless, the ship nicknamed within the ranks of Starfleet as "The Seeing Eye." Wright had experience, which showed in his greying hair and chiselled lines in his face.

A tall man, he had a commanding presence. His confidence was tempered only by his humility, as evidenced by the way he always gave praise to his crew before himself. He was considered a just commander to serve under. In all that he was and in his every action, he earned the respect of every crew he commanded.

Wright sat in his ready room preparing some last minute reports on a PADD in front of him. The chime of his communicator distracted his attention from his report. Almost reluctantly, he tapped the combadge on his tunic.

"Wright here."

"Captain, has the baryon sweep passed through engineering?"

"Yes, Number One. It's already passed through the bulk of the ship and is now aft of engineering on the nacelles."

"Then I'll have our very anxious Chief Brex beam up to start a rundown on ship's systems and unlock the engineering stations."

"Good thinking, Commander. We'll have to get underway very soon as it is. We've received our marching orders."

"Something interesting I hope."

"Probably routine; a simple re-supply run to the Vesuvi system. Until their science observation post is complete, we are to investigate their stars' odd behaviour. Readings are inconclusive from the science teams on Vesuvi 3, and Federation scientists are interested."

"The Vesuvi system? That's in the maelstrom."

"Should make for a fun time for Miguel at the very least."

"I'll let him know so he can get psyched up, sir."

Wright chuckled. "You do that, Number One. I'll need you back here as soon as possible as well."

"Aye, sir."

"Wright out." The Captain went back to writing up his report.
After six months' service aboard this vessel, the Commander has proven to be a most promising First Officer. I have no doubt more seasoning will see him on his own starship command.

A tinge of yellow light pierced the black curtain surrounding the sphere of solar fire illuminating the Vesuvi system. Next to the Briar Patch and the Badlands, the Maelstrom had been listed by the United Federation of Planets as one of the most inhospitable areas for human colonization, mostly due to its dense pockets of radiation and solar disturbances. The Vesuvi system fell near the edge of this volatile area, making its incipient Federation colonies unsavoury posts for any UFP personnel.

The terraforming process had just begun on Vesuvi 3. It was slow work setting up the atmospheric processors that would clean and filter the toxins poisonous to humans while at the same time establishing a more habitable environment replete with breathable oxygen. Until now, trying to colonize any region of the Maelstrom was considered unthinkable. Recent advances in atmospheric shielding made it possible, finally, to carve out a foothold for Federation research. The brightest minds in science had long made a case for establishing research outposts within the Maelstrom to better understand the phenomena recorded within it. The Draegos colony, on Vesuvi 3, was to be the first of these science posts, in addition to two private colonies at the edge of the system established to mine the rich mineral deposits discovered there.

Chief Serson of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers had been assigned to Draegos only three months ago. He'd hoped for a more noteworthy project, but his expertise in terraforming worked against him.

"Six months. I can't believe it - six months until we can get this damned atmosphere processor online." Serson knew he had more to offer than acting as foreman on a project like this for half a year, no matter the scale. "You'd think, with all of my contributions to the Prometheus, I'd be assigned to the Sovereign refit. Instead I'm standing here routing ODN lines for an atmosphere generator."

"It could be worse, you know. If you spend less time grumbling we might be able to finish in five months instead of six." Lieutenant Nathan James had been Chief Serson's friend for the last six years. They enjoyed their assignments together, made frequent by their similar backgrounds in Engineering and Science.

After seven hours outside the Starfleet habitation biosphere the heat from the solar radiation could be felt on their skin, even through the climate-controlled suits they wore. There were one hundred and thirty two engineers assigned to this project, all living within a large duranium composite dome erected as a shelter from the harsh solar radiation that beat down on them relentlessly.

"Hey, James, pass me that coil spanner," Serson said. "Will I ever be glad when our re-supply ship gets here. I received a subspace message from my wife. She's been stationed at Starbase 12, and she said she was putting something on the next re-supply run for me. Said it would help me cope with harsh conditions."

James brought the coil spanner to Serson, then moved back to his task linking the ODN network links.

“I hope it’s Saurian brandy. I’m beginning to get sick of synthehol,” James quipped.
Serson cracked a smile as he used the coil spanner on the ODN network links.
The intercom inside the suits chimed, signalling an open channel. The voice that came over the helmet speaker belongs to Jordan, the female communications officer inside the biosphere. "Okay gentlemen, you've passed your safe time outside. Get back in for your Hyronalin hypos."
"Hyronalin - that stuff makes me vomit." James protested playfully.

"Well, wither you take the hypo, or you die of radiation poisoning. It's your choice, and it would technically only matter if someone left behind missed you."

"Oh, sorry, Nathan. We'd all miss you." She added with a giggle that could be heard over the suit intercoms, "After all, where would we find another pigeon for poker night?"

"Okay, Jordan, we're heading in now. Any word from Starbase 12?" Serson looked up hopefully.

"They've signalled that a re-supply ship has been routed to us; should be here within the hour. A Galaxy Class ship no less. Guess we're getting the royal treatment."

"More like a royal pain in the butt," James snapped. "I'd only be happy if we got to leave with them. I'm going to have a permanent suntan when we leave this post."

He and Serson began the walk back to the biosphere.

The gray duranium hull of the saucer section became visible as the Dauntless crossed out of the planet's shadow and into the light of the Vesuvi star.

"We have arrived in the Vesuvi system, Captain," Ensign Kiska reported with exuberance. It was unusual to find this attitude in most Bajorans, but her youth belied resentment of her people's struggle with the Cardassians. She was green, but very bright and extremely eager.

Captain Wright hit the intercom switch in his ready room in response. "Understood. We'll be out in a moment, Ensign."

"Aye, sir," she replied.

"Has the Icarus been prepared for launch, Number One?"

"Yes, sir. If I may ask, is it necessary to take a shuttlecraft down to the settlement?"

"I have a surprise from my daughter for my son-in-law. I trust you won't say anything to the crew if you happen to see it as I pack."

"Of course not, sir."

Wright pulled a blue bottle from his duty chest and held it up for a moment before packing it into his travel case.

"Ah, I see, sir. Can't transport down with that."

"Not unless I want the ship's log to note that I carried Romulan Ale to a Federation colony that's not supposed to have any intoxicants at all. There are certain privileges afforded in deep space vessels, and this is one of them." The Captain put the last of the items into his travel case.

"I understand, sir. I shall omit any reference to it in my official log." The Commander smiled, knowing the Captain would get the joke.

"I have something for you when I get back - your review. I just finished it. We'll talk more when I get back."
"Aye, sir. Have a good time. I'll make sure everything runs smoothly until you get back."

The Captain started out of the ready room as the Commander followed him.

"If the Admiral calls for any reason, tell her I'll return within the next two hours."

"Will do, sir."

"And take care of our ship, Number One. I want her back in one piece."

"I'll try to keep her together while you're gone, sir."

Wright stepped into the turbolift, travel case in hand. He looked at his First Officer with a nod of approval. "Commander, you have the Conn. Shuttle Bay Two." The doors to the turbolift snapped shut, and its hum could be heard as it sped away from the bridge
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