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Part 3: PAGE 03

Data’s emotion chip woes are becoming a serious nuisance.

At oh-three hundred hours I awoke to something softly caressing my cheek. Turned on the lights and found myself lying next to a grotesquely naked, sexually curious android. I’d heard Dr. Noonien Soong designed him to be anatomically correct, but having seeing that vile and threateningly pulsating contraption between his starkly white thighs, I can say with no small amount of certainty that the words “correct” and what passes for Data’s penis don’t even occupy the same quadrant.

One look in those yellow eyes told me Data was taking no prisoners tonight. Managed to brain him with a magnet and got Worf to drag out his body. We’re never to speak of this again, but I know one thing: as soon as we pass some planet whose indigenous fauna eats robots, a certain Mr. Data is going to get beamed down so fast he won’t even have time to put on a red shirt.

Cmdr. Data at Arvada - Blip // Viddler // Youtube

Star Trek Trivia posted:

This mission references the first seasonal Next Generation episode "The Arsenal of Freedom", (which mentions the Erselrope Wars) in which the crew of the Enterprise visits the planet Minos and face some of the Minosans' advanced robotic weaponry. In the end, the planet's defenses turn out to be part of a Minosan sales pitch for potential armament buyers. The late, great Vincent Schiavelli cameos as a holographic Minosan salesman.

(Source: Memory Alpha)

Starting off with a first look at... SPAAAAACE COMBAAAAAT

The Enterprise engages a Klingon Bird of Prey at Amargosa - Blip // Viddler // Youtube