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Part 5: PAGE 05

Some of the engineering staff have lodged a complaint against Commander La Forge. Since recently, the chief engineer spends his time openly ogling the women on duty. He ignores implicit requests to stop staring, mouth agape and sometimes drooling. In one case, he reportedly looked a female officer up and down several times, and muttered how he “would love to take those great big Andorian titties and just phlblblhblhblhuh!” The noise he made could only be described as sounding like a Cardassian motorboating a pair of great big Andorian titties.

Hoping to discreetly deal with this matter, I immediately met with Commander La Forge in engineering and requested an explanation. An embarrassed La Forge then admitted to have recently discovered a new setting on his VISOR that allows him to filter women’s clothing from his vision. I relieved him from duty for the day and confiscated his VISOR with the promise I’d have Data correct the malfunction.

When I summoned Counselor Troi to my private quarters later, I was unable to provide her with an explanation as to why I was wearing Geordi’s VISOR. Within two minutes she telepathically sensed what I was doing and ran out, but by then I’d seen everything.

I’d seen it all.

The Enterprise engages three Klingon Birds of Prey at Amargosa - Blip // Viddler // Youtube

Which leads into...

Cmdr. La Forge on the Q'urash, a Klingon Bird of Prey - Blip // Viddler // Youtube cutscene at the end after beaming, keep watching!

note: if Geordi fails his mission or you ignore the three Birds of Prey at Amargosa, the same movie plays as when Riker fails his first mission, only it starts with a Bird of Prey firing the torpedo instead of the observatory.