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Part 9: PAGE 09

Data’s been at it again. Just now I was informed he pushed an ensign down a turbolift shaft to, and I quote, “protect him from the terrible secret of space”. He still blames this on his malfunctioning emotion chip. Decided to reprimand him by taking away holodeck privileges for 48 hours.

Decided to reduce Data’s punishment by 46 hours. I realize I may be appearing soft, it’s just that the sound of his android crying is so, so awful. Like many little babies being crushed to death, slowly, beneath an iron boot. So awful.

An ecstatic Data then immediately launched his holodeck Sherlock Holmes program. Four hours later he still hadn’t finished, so I asked Geordi to look in on him. Turns out he’d strangled all 800,000 inhabitants of 19th century London and arranged them into a gigantic smiley face. When asked why, he said he “was trying to evoke an emotional response.”

At this point, I think I’d really prefer Lore taking Data’s place again.

Cmdr. Data at Bersus - Blip // Viddler // Youtube

But what!





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