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Part 10: PAGE 10

I am bloody tired of all these alien diseases that keep popping up on the ship. Every damn week it’s either a bacteria some officer picked up while shopping on some borderworld fleapit of a colony, a delegation of socially defective fish-men ejaculating biomaterial all over the place, or just Riker sharing whatever he’s picked up after he’s slipped the space sausage to some alien slag.

We’ve had a virus that turned everyone into children, then one that turned everyone into old people, then one that made time run backwards, and then one that caused everyone’s eyes to migrate to the back of their head. This week, it’s one that causes everyone to copiously drool all the time. I can’t even begin to explain how difficult it is to order someone to set course for Sarsaparilla VII, warp six, while there’s saliva going down your chin in runners, making you look like Worf did until I told Troi to stop wearing those low-cut catsuits.

I told Doctor Crusher she’d be a lot more useful if she kept us from getting sick for once instead of just coming up with a cure after a bunch of protracted research. She sputtered something that I couldn’t make heads nor tails of and just left me coated in spit.

And it’s not like we ever get any of the good diseases. According to subspace transmissions, the USS Butterbean has been infected with an airborne pathogen that caused the male members of the crew to spontaneously grow huge breasts. Meanwhile, I’ve had to order for 1,014 monogrammed bibs to be replicated so the whole ship isn’t covered in unsightly residue.

Someone get me off this goddamn ship.

Captain Picard at Epsion - Blip // Viddler // Youtube

Star Trek Trivia posted:

As said in the video, the Chodak make an earlier appearance in a previous Star Trek game, Final Unity. It's an entirely different game than this one, more of a complex point 'n click adventure.

Keeping track of the Chodak's movements, the Enterprise detects a lone Dreadnought in the Bersus system...

The Enterprise engages a Dreadnought at Bersus (with cutscene at the end) - Blip // Viddler // Youtube