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Part 13: PAGE 13

We’ve been chasing Dr. Soran for months now without any help from Starfleet, and the lack of stops and maintenance is taking its toll on the ship. Commander La Forge just informed me that it’s starting to get difficult to find the needed energy reserves to keep life support up and running for the entire crew compliment. I called a staff meeting to discuss the problem and find solutions. The strong emotional response I got to the suggestion we’d jettison all the children into space, made me take Geordi aside and tell him to remain discreet about my other plan, which is finding a way to convert children’s tears into dilithium crystals.

It would at least be nice if my bridge crew paid any attention to what I said. Not half an hour after telling everyone to use ship’s energy sparingly, I found Riker laughing hysterically in front of a replicator he’d just told to replicate 800,000 golf balls.

Well, I thought, if no one else is taking this situation seriously, the captain will have to do it. In order to convert some useless baggage into much-needed energy, I had Ensign Crusher meet me on the aft side of the ship and shoved him into a plasma stream. I was somewhat embarrassed when it was later explained to me that this didn’t have the intended effect at all, but luckily no one suspects a thing. In fact, it’s been four days and I’ve yet to even hear someone inquire about Wesley’s disappearance.

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