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Part 4: Episode 4: "Devil in the Deep"

Episode 4: "Devil in the Deep"

" Captain's Log" posted:

I will be honest, I was not expecting to find myself immediately tossed at an actual military objective, rather than simply having me deliver Bajoran Jumja sticks to Lt. Kirayoshi O'Brien at Memory Alpha. Either someone in high command has come to believe me to be a capable tactical officer, or someone in high command is trying to get me killed in the war; although if we were in the Cardassian military I'd quietly suspect both to be true.

Still, we'll see what's in store for us. Attacking a Klingon listening post doesn't seem especially difficult, but… I am suspicious (I know, Mr. Starfleet: 'A suspicious Cardassian? What else is new?'). The only reason we know of this outpost's existence is because of a transmission sent by that Undine bioship; and since the Klingons started this war out of fear of Undine infiltration, I can't help but wonder whether the Undine may want this outpost destroyed for some reason.

I've requested (and been approved) to start mounting Quantum torpedoes. They should give us an edge if we encounter the Undine again.

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(blipTV version coming soon (maybe)!)

"Captain's Log , supplemental" posted:

So, it seems the Klingons themselves are not immune to Undine infiltration, and I suspect that revelation is the only thing that saved our lives today. This is… troubling.

I have a lot to consider.

A'ight, I caught quite a few questions during the hours I was at work, so prepare for some answers!

Yes, you can get the Galaxy Dreadnaught. It even mounts the massive fuckoff-phaser cannon as a special weapon. You can also get an Intrepid class with Janeway's "fuck you, I'm not dying" armor, a Nebula class that screws over anyone with a cloaking device, and a cloaking Defiant.

The Benedict Arnold is functionally identical to a Miranda-class, but it does have one advantage: it comes with an extra engineering station, so you can plug an extra engineering console into it and get a little extra boost. I'm fielding 2 RCS thingies, which boost my turn speed by 7.5% each.

Science vessels are indeed practical for solo-play (I personally find them far more practical than Cruisers), but I'll get more into that when it comes time to give you some more information about our prospective ship choices.

I also have some additional surprises for you as well.