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Part 6: Episode 6: "Kuvah 'magh"

Episode 6: "Kuvah'magh"

Captain's Log posted:

I really need to have a chat with our comm. officers about alerting me to priority one messages, rather than simply forwarding them to my station when I'm not on the bridge.

We'd just finished recovering the archaeologists from the disabled Gorn ship when I discovered the message, dated almost three hours ago: We're to ignore the distress signal for now, as the Horizon-class USS Mutara is nearby and well-equipped to handle any possible scientific emergency. We are instead to proceed immediately to provide security for the diplomatic conference on Regulus.

We're due to arrive in three hours, and the trip from here will take five at the Benedict Arnold's maximum warp.

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Captain's Log, supplemental posted:

Distractions after distractions. This 'Ambassador B'vat' is going to be trouble. A Klingon who's smart enough to withdraw from an unwinnable battle is a dangerous enemy; and one who swears an oath of revenge is not one I'm willing to take lightly. Recent Cardassian history is filled with examples of the lengths a Klingon will go to get revenge for a perceived slight-and if this B'vat has enough influence that he can flee from combat without fear of being murdered by his own crew for cowardice, he is a dangerous enemy indeed.

We'll see if he gets his chance to take his vengeance, or if Starfleet demotes me to chief bathroom polisher on a fleet garbage scow for being two hours overdue and letting the Orion Syndicate sneak a massive Klingon assault force so deeply into Federation territory.