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Part 13: Episode 13: "Doomsday"

Episode 13: "Doomsday"

Captain's Log posted:

We've been kept quite busy since our little time-traveling adventure: assisting with a trade dispute on Starbase 39-Sierra, uncovering a plot to assassinate the Romulan ambassador to Vulcan, and escorting the Deferi ambassador back to his home planet.

Lieutenant Galti still has not spoken a single word to me, and I can tell it's putting strain on the crew. She's well liked by the crew for reasons, I hope (for her sake), that have more to do with her personality than her figure. Our new officer, Lieu… sorry, Leftenant Ayna seems to have taken a shine to Lieutenant Galti. Perhaps some time spent chatting with an older, more matronly woman will help give her some perspective. Prophets know I have no negative feelings for her.

Tre'gata and William are as exuberant as always, at least; and while nobody's sure what to make of Tre'gata's conspiracy theories they, at least, trust his technical expertise. I've gone-ahead and OK'd William's 'hog roast'. He (and, surprisingly, most of the rest of the crew) are looking forward to it. He and Tre'gata have done a thermodynamic analysis of the hog to optimize cooking time and, he says, ensure 'barbequed perfection'.

Doctor Tamora says he's "looking forward to seeing the psychological impact" that the Hog Roast has on the crew. I'm just hoping a large, joint activity will help calm some tensions. This is a good crew, but they're still rough around the edges and it's starting to show. A few days of R&R at Spacedock or Starbase 39-Sierra would do us all a world of good.

I am, however, worried about Ensign Ramirez. She vanishes from the ship's internal sensors whenever she's off duty; she doesn't join the rest of the crew for meals or entertainment; and Lieutenant Janzer has reportedly discovered her prowling through the Jeffries' tubes hunting for something only she can see. I trust Janzer, but things remain icy between us.

This ship could really use a counsel… one moment.

I've just received an emergency transmission from Starfleet Command. They've finally cracked the codes on the data we recovered from the Briar Patch; the Klingons are using the Imagia system, just outside the Briar patch, to test their new Hargh'peng planet-killer Torpedoes. Imagia is heavily populated and has no defenses. Starfleet Command is sending the twelfth fleet; but we're to make for Imagia at our best possible speed to try to disrupt the Klingons' plans.

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Captain's Log posted:

I do not understand the Klingon thought process.

They have access to a nigh-unstoppable weapon, an alien Doomsday Machine capable of effortlessly destroying planets. A weapon covered in solid Neutronium, a metal so hard it can't be worked or replicated by our most advanced techniques… and they use it to crack open a small moon so that they can use the heavy elements at the moon's core to arm their Hargh'peng torpedoes. Admittedly, a fleet of Birds of Prey armed with planet-killers is frightening; but far less so than a single, virtually invincible superweapon.

I can only imagine that the Klingons meant to launch several simultaneous strikes against key Federation systems to forever cripple the Federation; something which a single superweapon is simply incapable. With luck, however, this is the last plot of Ambassador B'Vat that will strike at the Federation from beyond the grave.