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Part 19: Episode 19: "Ghostbusters"

Episode 19: "Ghostbusters"

Captain's Log posted:

We managed to track down the comet mentioned in the Axon's logs after I had a long consultation with Elerena. She'd like to stay and study it, but the triolic radiation and chronoton particles make it horrifically dangerous to get close enough for a good scan. Triolic radiation is deadly in large amounts, and wreaks havoc with even well-shielded electronics.

We were able to get enough data for Elerena to plot the comet's course. It looks like it's going to pass dangerously close to the nearby Drozana station in just a few months. I've ordered a course set to Drozana station; it was a Federation Starbase built before Deep Space K7. It was a little too close to Klingon territory, and they took it in one of the early Klingon / Federation conflicts. It's been sitting derelict for over a hundred years; but my logs indicate it was purchased by a Ferengi and turned into a bar (of all the foolish nonsense-I could see a supply depot, but a bar?) to exploit the flood of people in the Neutral Zone. More likely he's just using the station as a place to buy stolen goods from the Nausicaans and to sell weapons to the Gorn, but I'm sure Starfleet is monitoring the situation.

I've sent a message to Franklin Drake about the Devidians, but I haven't gotten a response. I think it's time someone payed Drozana station a visit. I have to hand it to Elerena, she's really taking the Devidian threat seriously. She's enlisted Subcommander Vreenak, Tre'gata, and Molly to help her construct an 'anti-Devidian' prototype weapon. Theoretically, it should disrupt them when they're out of phase with our reality, but I've been lead to understand that it fires anti-protons; which means using it is akin to carrying a small tactical warhead in your hands.

If it comes down to it, I'll test the weapon personally. I'm not about to let any of my crew blow themselves up if it malfunctions.

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Captain's Log posted:

What is it about the 23rd century that makes it such a magnet for time travel? Not wanting to make 'an error in judgement', I've reported our findings to Starfleet Command. It's likely that the DTI will hand-pick a team to go through the portal and deal with the Devidians; but I still feel… apprehensive.

There are so many threats to the Federation right now, and it's difficult to see how, or even if they all relate.

PoptartsNinja's Commentary:
I had to cut more than I would've liked from this video. The ground section was over a half hour long and, well… this mission is pretty much an example of what STO could've been if Atari hadn't pushed so hard for an early launch. It was suspenseful without a time limit, the enemies were a challenge but (aside from one moment where something insta-killed me (full health to dead before my screen had a chance to turn gray)) aren't too tough, and a setting that isn't just a single linear hallway; but a collection of rooms.

What this mission does right:
1) Tension. It does a good job of slowly ratcheting up the tension notch after notch until it breaks you (you'll most likely either panic every time the screen turns blue, or ignore it and start running right into ghost ambushes-which is what happened to me).
2) Threat. The bowels of Drozana station are menacing. Both the environment and the enemies work against you, and while there's no time limit, you do feel pressured.
3) Extra options. Tactical captains can turn on turrets to make the last fight less irritating. Engineering captains can open locked doors and bypass the traps. Science captains can… do something, I'm sure.
4) adorable hover-flashlight! … I hope we see that thing again. It's soooo cute.

What this mission does wrong:
1) Kills the 'mystery' of the hologram on deck 2 before you meet him by giving you a 'maintenance log' from the guy. The log is blacked out so you can't see who it is, but the blacked out character occasionally 'pulses' with the same 'I'm a hologram' crap as the New Spock EMH did back in Video 1.
2) A little too much backtracking. Can't use the maintenance elevator? Better walk ten feet down that side passage and turn it on.