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Part 20: Episode 20: "Frosty Thoughts"

Episode 20: "Frosty Thoughts"

Captain's Log posted:

It seems I was correct: Starfleet doesn't want me going anywhere near any temporal anomalies for now; although Leftenent Ayna commented that that was a 'bummer' and that she'd have 'loved to place some investments on several latinum-mines before Replicator technology was invented'; which has me wondering if the Department of Temporal Investigations is more worried about her screwing up the timeline.

Subcommander Vreenak seems to be integrating fairly well with the crew. She's capable and intelligent, and laughs easily… which is not something I expected from a Romulan. The crew seems to have taken quite a shine to her as well, although she seems surprised that the Von Braun isn't stationed along the Romulan border. Still, a Romulan can betray a friend in a heartbeat-a moment of anger or frustration is all it takes to send them out of control. In a way, she's a stark reminder of the storm that lies beneath Doctor Tamora's cool, logical exterior. I must remember: what the Vulcans seek to control, the Romulans indulge… and in doing so both discovered a way to deal with extremes of emotion that plague their race.

Still, I feel I've digressed a bit too far from my original purpose. We discovered a Deferi trader in deep space near Drozana station. They'd been attacked by the Breen and suffered numerous casualties-and took a few captives as well. We offered what assistance we could-Doctor Tamora proved especially skilled at removing the neural implants the Breen use to torture their victims. With no direct orders from Starfleet, and at the behest of the Deferi captain and a surprisingly remorseful Breen captive, I've set course for Deferi space to offer Starfleet's assistance. It seems the Breen believe that a Preserver archive may lie somewhere on Defera.

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Captain's Log posted:

So, it seems the Breen rumors of a Preserver archive in Deferi space were correct-although fortunately the archive is not on Defera. I can't imagine the carnage the Breen would perpetrate to get at such an artifact. We must hurry, however-Thot Trel's message seemed to indicate that they already had the location of the archive. We cannot let Preserver technology fall into Breen hands, the results would be… catastrophic.